Fall is an incredibly beautiful season and is a perfect time for photography. It brings landscapes alive with vibrant oranges - the shift in colors can take anyone's breath away. Autumn signals a great time to get the camera out and explore your creative vision through landscapes. You don't have to be a professional photographer to capture beautiful photos of trees and plants reflecting the warm tones that come with fall: sunset yellows, burnt oranges, and rich reds. All you need is an eye to appreciate nature's ever-changing canvas, that it paints each autumn anew. Thank you for participating in this photo contest and a big congratulations to all the finalists.

"Rakotz Brucke reflection " by moniqueelferink

"Nature.com " by RBourque

"Lonely Tree " by travisdaldy

"Autumn Colors in their Truest Beauty " by rohsaurus

"Plitvice Lakes " by FredGramoso

"autumn_reach_web " by ChrisWilliamsEXP

"Dream way " by Balders

"Autumn Path " by lindagagnon

"Stag " by Keefyboy

"Fallen " by ryanbuchanan

"Autumn 3... " by HDintel

"Boathouse in the forest " by AlephD

"Air " by nunocandido

"In the mist " by george_kossieris

"Autumn in Alberta " by Gambar

"Through the leaves " by VeShandor

"Falling leaves " by Pepe_Cordoba

"Stokksness. Link to my free eBook: https://fabioantenore.ch/pages/free-ebook-download " by Fabio_Antenore

"Wanderlust " by Ervin-Edward

"Larch Drive " by chrisbalboni

"Alpe di Siusi " by EpicByErika

" " by Lemona

"692AB114-4510-4BCB-AFAB-269F8F0A58BE " by aaronmichaellovell

" " by stacyjeffries

"Grandtetons (1) " by bethanylouriaphotography

"between the trees " by Rumble

"Autumn in Holland " by massimilianoconiglio

"Deers " by MarinaDemse

"Red Ferns " by Diogo_Pereira

"Swan in Autumn " by Jennifergoode

"Froot Loops " by DaveKochPhoto

"Back to the light " by DavidPriymak

"Ayama & Nandu " by MagicmomentFotografie

"A classic Pacific Northwest " by geraldmacfly

"Golden glow " by AndreaLeslie

"Portrait of Leaves " by RobbieRoss

"Fall foliage " by Patosan

"Italy from above " by martinpodt

"Young Buck " by DebbieP

"Dream House " by (A)mark_callander

"On the road to winter " by (A)a.a.ron.captures

"Welcome September " by (A)AliTu

"Magic River " by (A)narahnarah

"See you summer... " by (A)The_Dreamcatcher