We know you take amazing photos, so for this photo contest, we invite you to share your best shots taken when facing down. From dramatic drone footage to close-up footwear; show off what creativity can do with chances to win a WD 4TB Portable External Hard Drive and more. Congratulations to the following finalists:

"Full Power Breathing " by Eric_Dany

" " by randymacaulay

" " by BlackRed76

"The Eibsee from above " by talesofjustin

"Morning Hike " by matthewhladek

"The King’s Stone " by AnotherDayisNOW

"Playa Negra. Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica " by WhereTheGaleGoes

"Deep " by jacekp

"Bird's eye view " by GuyPhotos

"Round and Round and... " by sventaubert

"Fly on, 500.mt up! Shanghai, China, Oriental Pearl view " by felicebellini

"Sleep " by Boholm

"Looking Down on the Jin Mao Lobby " by fredstein

"Doooown the subway " by nachoiru

"Cool Retreat " by volkmer

"Nelson Starcase " by Miptog

" " by gregbarber

"Cross Streets and Driveways " by JakeKurdsjuk

"Time Pondering " by VinceVphotography

"Okawango Delta " by valerioleone

"Arugambay, Sri Lanka " by jayaruwan

"On the edge of Ireland - Mussenden Temple " by patryksadowski

"Topside Tennis " by taarnes

"Birds Eye View " by PhotoMark

"Harbour " by ewiin

"Mumbai Crowd. " by rennenrennen

"Blue bridge " by westonhelton

"Down down view of the famous Lago di Braies. " by danielbernabe

"IMG_20220628_111815_012 " by taniabparto

"Flash Mob relais pour la vie au CHC MontLégia " by Pierrodactile

"Flooded Tree " by dalemawby

"Kristy and the Stairwell " by DespayreFX

"Down Town " by jonathanbradbury

"Bus stop " by hkdoctor

"Run Baby run " by PixelsInLightspace

"Looking Down at the Merry Go Round " by RMBphoto

"The Eye " by Hedde

"Glacier whale flow " by grahamvphoto

"HorseShadows-IMG_2527bac " by PhotoLogic-SightFlight

"Congress Street " by DB-Photography

"The street sellers " by bobosan

"There was no parking....." by fabrizioferraris

"Maldivian dream " by george_kossieris

"In the Clouds " by ashtraus

"Lake Hillier " by KanaPhotography

"ladiessingle1topdown1 " by jsnhoyt

"Winter Valley " by tinumueller

"Blood stairs " by Daniel Nebreda

" " by Wim-Solheim

" " by BLynnette

"Minimal Winter " by JBramerPhotography

" " by dellaina

"The pink sand and the pink Lady " by marcwildpassion

"Jump " by Rosley

"City view from high up " by YvonneJeaK

"Rancho Sereno at Sunset. " by mattpaskinphoto

"Garden Party " by ArtMoodVisualz

"DSC_0326 " by DarkStarPhotoUK

"Shadow play " by DesiDrewPhotography

"Pitch blue. " by canipel

"Tubing " by MickAlicic

"FB_IMG_16040836386621419 " by Himoo

"Mighty Torrents " by AzuraPhotography

"Phare de Chassiron " by danshachar

"Play time! " by Maddhatter

"VEINS OF A GLACIER " by SpicyArtWorks

"Skull " by Andreas_Voigt

"At work " by BirgerB

"Look " by visualsbyzach

"Before the kiss " by Hector_Mireles

"Italy from above " by martinpodt

"Girl on a Bridge " by thombarbour

"Virginia Beach " by marwynn882

"Downtown " by kobbiephotography

"Christine & Matt " by carrieolsoncarden

"Alina " by tsupka

"1074899_10153013366750251_1194578123_o " by Bigskyaerial

"Eid prayer. " by (A)dibakarroy

" " by (A)atticus_w

"059u (1 of 1) " by (A)jerzyrowinski

"Summer in Greece " by (A)elenkalo

"Musical notes from above " by (A)Tammysauve71

"Waikiki Beach " by (A)Anakerie

"Cliff hanger " by (A)J0anna