A big thanks to all the amazing photographers that shared their favorite shots of people in this photo contest with chances to be published in Dohdo Magazine and win more awesome prizes. Be inspired by this impressive gallery, congratulations to the following finalists:

"Tia " by janswanepoel

"Ophelia " by anthinemoen

"Cruella de Vil and Pongo " by lvalics

"Enjoying Life " by yannickdesmet

"Anna Portrait " by Anatoly_Photography

"Freckles " by Prijaznica

"Attitude " by _Subarna

"Consumed " by tonyawilhelm

"Whisp of hair " by blitzlichtgewitter

"Little Red " by aychmb

"Where the Wild roses grow -2 " by marcwildpassion

"Passion " by billndotnet

"Her lost eyes " by ScottDClark

"The scent of Ireland " by sussicharlottealminde

"Contemplation " by xoniuelo

"The children of Africa " by zohar_ferro

"From our trip to ATL for a collab party with other influencers " by tylerschwab

"katya " by kirillgolovan

"Konstantina " by Milion_Arts

"Jon R. " by jonwolding

"surprised ? " by cyitisso

"sisters " by yaz2411

"Summers Boy " by traceydobbs

"Kimberley " by etrdryzt

" " by guykrier

" " by InSeKTo1o

" " by lindsayadams

"Women, Venice, Italy " by PedroQuartinGraca

"Paula " by tufotopro

"Pure Beauty " by ingapyata

"American Bad Ass " by Daniel-French

"Surprise " by ellestaples

"studio work, lifestyle " by touchwood

"Kyrgyz Boy drinking Kumis " by Helen_Mountaniol

"Father and Son " by greghillman

"*** " by AlexPuhovoy

"+ " by _0130_6071

"LIFE... " by markLadanan

"The Lost Swimmer " by ElenaParaskeva

"A feeling " by michaeljohnerson

"Blue Light Special " by brianramos

"_S4A3784 " by JohnCookPhotography

"So many springs " by Anto-Giulia

"Des poussières de toi " by travenmilovich

"SbwrtCN5I8160 " by kdooley

"Reflective " by andreaaccordino

"Daniel - portraits " by robertwestinphotography

"RIMG3023 thinking back.... " by MERCEDESS

"New York Boy " by MassimoGiachetti

"COCO " by soniaescolano

"freckled beauty " by AnnaRakhvalova

"Minou III " by tobiasglawe

"LonDist " by tombartlett

"Kelsie " by luismcara

"Stephanie " by sonnybui

"'Semper Fi" " by bpoimbeauf

"I2018-06120 " by Lindividu

"Faces " by mohithraisrivastav

"without style " by Jeanpauls

"Silbar o llorar " by Jessiejoemonge

"IMG_9741 " by VincentRoccoPhoto

"Julien " by lothare

"Purple Reign " by carrieolsoncarden

"Olive " by viennajohnston

"The book thief... " by Reka

"Tulip Fields Shot by Arielle Frioza " by ariellefrioza

"Station " by olganicolaeva

"Sirun 67 " by benjafuenzalida

"Lisa " by lauracallsen

"Esperanza Teleki " by alfredmahlangu

"Geisha in training. " by SharonKynastonPhotography

"Mono-Titled " by OrvilleSpence

"Thuggin' " by Blue_The_Photographer

"Pink is wonderful " by theresahoffmann

"Road Trip Daydreams " by SomewhereSky

"Green Cravat " by playingwithlight

"©EdGiffordcontrolroom " by egifford

"Nina-Carrington-Escape " by ninacarrington

"She focus " by photorutero