ViewBug member yuliaemtsova (Yulia) is a photographer from Russia. She got her first DSLR camera about 6 years ago and since photography has become an essential part of her life.

My interest in photography started a few years ago. It started from admiring photographers and artists, who are able to create beauty, to conceptualize, to make their own little world, where they give freedom to their ideas. I always wanted to try doing something as awesome as they do and develop my own style in shooting and editing. So I decided to go for it.

Can you share a couple of tips with your fellow photographers?
My advice - is to look for inspiration and knowledge! Everywhere around you. Don't try to copy anyone - learn from them instead. Try to find your own style and don't be scared to experiment.

Please share some thoughts on your ViewBug experience as a photographer!

I've had a positive experience on Viewbug. Getting feedback about your work is always great. It helps to understand if you go in a right direction. If people like my photography I appreciate it and I'm encouraged to shoot more.

What do you carry in your camera bag?
I carry my 5D Mark II, my favourite 50mm 1.4 lens, which I use most of the time, 28mm 1.8 in case I need a wider angle, my 80mm Lensbaby Edge 80 Optic, memory cards, spare battery and a cleaning cloth. I hardly ever use a flash, sometimes if needed I take a reflector with me as well.

Do you have a favorite subject to photograph?

I love shooting people. Portrait is my favourite genre in photography. I always try to bring attention to the eyes of the person I am photographing. It's amazing that just the eyes can tell you the whole story.

Do you have a favorite location and time to photograph?

I try to avoid a strong daylight no matter what the location is. I like shooting just before sunset or ideally on a cloudy day, so I can get nice and soft tones. My favorite part of the year to shoot is spring, when trees start blooming.