Thank you to all the photographers that shared their favorite waterfall shots in this photo contest with chances to win a Feiyu G4 Plus 3-Axis Brushless Handheld Gimbal and more.

A special thanks to the photographers that helped us find the following finalists and some of the most popular photos by voting for their favorite shots in this nature photo contest.

" Horse Shoe Waterfalls " by imikoetz

"Milky Way Falls " by journeytoinspiration

"the sound of autumn " by Konstantinos_Lagos

"Jozjak Slap.Slovenia. " by Sergio_Saavedra

"Lower Lewis Glow " by derricksniderimagery

"Aldeyjarfoss " by Iceland

"Kirkjufellsfoss " by Linda_C_Lau

"Silky stream " by RadkaCrossley

"Multnomah Falls Autumn Wind " by ReidCollins

" " by saskiadingemans

"Autumn Symphony " by vandanabajikar

"Amicalola Falls in Autumn " by HigginsR

"Multnomah bridge in the early fall as the leaves just start to turn color. " by Ecampbell7

"Nice waterfall in Rondane, Norway " by Ostsidenfoto

"Recovering Multnomah " by Invinciblejj

"Autumn is coming " by seanorphoto

"Over the Edge " by allengillis

"Wishing well " by JoshuaVince

" " by victorrocha_0120

"Robinson Falls " by rhonna

"plitvice waterfall " by RubenB

"Gleno Waterfall " by MourneMountainMan

"The Waterfall " by MaurizioCasulaPhoto

"Sk├│gafoss at yellow sunrise " by Jonrunar

"Hidden Falls " by Jchumleyphotos

"Autumn Falls " by StuartMcMillan

"Swiss Falls Vertical " by Storycatcher


" " by glmeyers

"Skogafoss " by FredGramoso

"Hicking Hocking " by HisImages

"Foss " by quietstorm422

"Kirkjufellfoss Sunset " by anthonyryan

"Brides Veil Falls, Skye " by Andy-Dines

"The chute " by PF-pics

"Autumn Falls " by robwill236

" " by JackWilsonPhotography

"Abrams Falls in the Great Smoky Mountains " by joewalshphoto

"Autumn scene in the Austrian Alps " by Jtrojer

"_DSC4185 " by glennbernasol

"Waterfall " by MikeHermes

"Fresh Water " by osegura

"Skogafoss " by maurocirigliano

"Exploring Tordino canyon " by Gilmour82

"In Dark Times Focus on the Light " by jonbarkeruk

"5A3905 " by 20westphotos

"Plitvicka lakes " by vladcech

"National Park Plitvice " by AndreasHeldPhotography

"Gullfoss waterfall during sundown " by StephaneDroal

"Toyama Waterfall 01 " by The_Nighthawk

"Waterfall on Cougar Mountain - Bellevue WA " by AlexSchulzPhoto

"water magic " by AndreaSagui

"Water Serenity " by nornots

" " by KSMesser

"Waterfall in Aurlandsdalen " by AndreasD5500

"Campbell Falls, Norfolk CT " by denisemoquinwebster

"Running Water " by Tpellett

"Ash Cave, Hocking Hills State Park, Ohio " by JenniferCShade

"Au Train Falls " by RDVPhotography

"Cataract Falls- Spencer, IN " by sharischultzmccollough

"Silky smooth " by DavidPriymak

" " by hasmonaut

"Webster Falls " by Picpros

"Photographing Kirkjufellsfoss has always been on my bucket list. I had two nights when the sun sets at midnight to capture this iconic landmark. When I arrived it was raining and Mount Kirkjufell was covered by fog. As evening approached the fog lifted an " by doreenbequary

" " by RichardShore

"Flow of Life I " by AlexIacobet

"Huay May Kamin " by SnappyKiwi

" " by Kaisaleephotography

" " by Paul_blakeway_images

"Vertical Eastatoe Falls " by mrjcall

"The Waterfall at Oglebay " by KennethKeifer

"Havasu Falls, AZ " by jasonlynch

"Brandywine Falls " by raystephenson

"IMG_9217 " by edhendricks

"Milky Falls " by larryrogers

"Cascading water " by alechickman

" " by matthewhladek

"Wild stream " by jokoimic

"River of falls " by StefvanVuuren

"Winter Flows " by DreamCapturedImages

"Catara del Toro, Costa Rica " by sergiovindas

"The veins of Earth " by lucarigato

"The black waterfall " by alextaubin

"Garwin Falls " by mikecasey

"Kirkjufell " by Geinis

"BASH BISH FALLS " by karensommerslohre

"Yosemite Falls " by DJLee

"Conor Fall,Kerry Ireland early winter fog,rain and freezing cold a perfect day. " by timboten

"The needles have fallen " by mb_lichtbild

" Boulder Falls (20170521-2002June4_22) " by erniehall

"Serva creek " by patrickterschlusen

" " by LCdutch

"Triplet Falls " by cjcphotography

"Skogafoss " by LuizQuene

" " by mattymeis

"#waterfall #iceland #landscape " by samkilman

"Icelandic Waterfall " by donvawter

"Visadar waterfall iran " by farhadpournasiri

"Afternoon Waterfall " by critique

"Three Shires Head - Peak District " by FujiXplorer

"The Goðafoss is a waterfall in Iceland. It is located in the Bárðardalur district of Northeastern Region " by Gomorris

"Svrakave Waterfall " by PetarJokanovic

"Fiordland NP New Zealand " by wcjustus

"Road to Hana " by steveleiken

" " by a2k

"Nature " by expoze

"Behind the waterfall " by Spho3

"Bali waterfall III " by (A)CatBro

" " by (A)ErinHarrigan

"Beauties at the Falls " by (A)JudyPowellPhotography

"Maruia Falls " by (A)andythompsonphotographynz

"Lost Waterfall " by (A)douglasrichardson

"Yosemite Falls " by (A)tomkier

"Stichill Linn Waterfall " by (A)ThisLifeOutdoors

"Purple Haze " by rluijten

"Bald river Fall in Cherokee National Forest Tennesse " by (A)paulszolis

" " by (A)jheeatb612

"Waterfall Rio Celeste CR " by (A)schommipixx

"Scale Haw Force " by ianpilkington

"Big Basin " by (A)danielbraggphotos

"Mystical Land " by (A)wimdenijs

"Crescent Falls " by (A)HRLM23

" " by whereisglen

" " by (A)MichelleMizerka

"Svodufoss " by (A)hafsteinnkarlsson

"Waterfall " by (A)PiscesGirl

" " by (A)anthonymannion

"Beautiful Fall colors over a waterfall! " by kenproshotz

" " by (A)jenspiegel

"Spruce Flat falls " by (A)joangarrett

"Fall at the Falls " by (A)lwalker8575

"Gore Glen " by StephenBridger

"Godafoss aurora " by madspeteriversen

"Icelandic Canyon " by MattMcGee

"Seljalandsfoss " by (A)goncalocapitao

"MoonBow over Yosemite Valley " by (A)Imagico

"The thaw waterfall " by albertoenisosbajasmoreno

"Falls and moss " by jamierichey

"Reflective Beauty " by sallygravener

"Small wonder " by gkossieris

"Valley View " by menxcuizon

"Seljalandsfoss " by Komainu85

"Pristine Nature. " by Alfredo_Jose

" " by trauflerphotography

"Hidden Waterfall " by Juliocastropardo

"Ammonite Falls " by jtwphotos

"Sunburst " by FMarlatt

"Looking Glass Falls " by Dana_Walker

"Waterfall Savica " by TomazKlemensak

"V├Şringsfossen " by dougplume

"The beauty " by Markus_van_Hauten

"Pearson Falls North Carolina " by randyblack

"Another world " by Pete_Rowbottom

"Wahclella Falls " by clfowler

"blow me away " by Blionbg

"Bathing Under the Stars II " by KyleBardenPhotography

"Bridalveil Fall Yosemite Valley 05/15/03 " by russellgaughen

"Wailua Falls " by petertang

"One of the falls at rydal " by (A)andrewcarter901

"Fall From Darkness into Light " by GayleLucci

"jasper national park sunwapta falls " by billsisson