Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best photos of endangered species in this photo contest with chances to win a Nikon D3300 camera and more helping raise awareness about the delicate situation of these animals.

A special thanks to the photographers that helped us find the following finalists and some of the most popular photos by voting for their favorite shots. Stay tuned for the next wildlife photo contest coming soon.

"Side by side " by christophergrobler

"Flying High " by lizandjohn23

"Dare ya to run!!! " by GPetrie

"Motherhood " by scottwickward

"Cougar Cresting the Ridge " by anitae403

"Rhino w " by delhunter

"Herd " by Ostendo

"One more mouthful !! " by michaeldobson

"Bald Eagle near Thompson Falls, Idaho " by Freddie-B

"Mommy & Me " by imeldabell

"_MG_1857-the buisness " by nshearman

"282 Grizzly Bear shaking (1) " by abdouglas

"golden jackal " by flexito3

"Black Jag " by (A)stuartrobertsonreynolds

"Through the Surf " by PattiBaker

"COLORFXPRo " by Andreas_Voigt

"Growing up " by dmmacdonald

"I Love you Mom " by TrekLightly

"ND5_8877_47076 " by Marston

"Queen of the Tundra. " by jayneryan

"Brotherhood " by claudiorussa

"Snow Leopard " by Zulkowsky

"Tiger after fighting over food " by scottframpton

"Unstuffed " by prof1120

"Gorilla " by KimFree

"Just Chillin' " by kathykuhn100

"Big boy is curious. " by Pointomega

"Wanna Swim? " by lifearound

"Panthera onca " by olivierlw

"Cheetah Teeth " by Mbeiter

"Whale Tail Kaikoura " by johngregory

"Easy Jump " by zquentin

"eagle portrait " by Tommyshot

"Rhino Running 121 " by Dacemac

"Time_to_Move_On " by Luminous_Explorer

"Grizzly " by GeoffColeImages

"Resting " by davidjohnbowie

"Mama's got you " by charlottesmeets

"untitled-12-2 - Copy " by alistairhill

"The Mating " by sharonmorris

"Mexican Grey Wolf " by Dcrisp

"IMG_8435-2-First Snowfall~Grey Wolf " by mikeburdic

"GRIZZLY (1 of 1) " by Opticalimpressions

"Manta! " by ClearBluePhoto

"Hiding " by vladcech

"Bengal Tiger 1 " by C_Rane

"RK_HDP_0816 " by HDigitalPics

"Looks can be deceitful " by mireillepizzo

"Big sisters. " by RuwanFonseka

"Rüppell's griffon vulture " by alainmauviel

"KB Elephant KB Kenya Africia-KEMI0640-20170128 20170128 " by SusanBurroughs

"Huntress " by corymarshall

"The Fight " by Mission_Man

"Hi..hi..! " by Brakenjan

"Two-toed sloth " by JuanGiraldo

"Cheetah " by MikeW

"Chillin' Cub " by JDay

"Love " by jonnytakespictures

"Bali Myna " by lindiekolver

"Sparrowhawk " by dougplume

"Swimming tiger " by jonpertwee

"Bald Eagle " by DaveKommel

"Tiger in the Rain " by petrabischoff

"Spot - the wild dog pup " by simonvenables

"Eurasian Kestrel focused intent " by seenthroughmylens

"I got you... " by amb1946

"Hoping It's A Mock Charge " by KayBrewer

"Got my eye on you " by martinfoxsmith

"Griffon Vulture " by Miguel_A_Lera

"Underwater wildlife in Maldives islands " by icemanphotos

"Maui Humpback Whale " by kathymuhle

"African Elephants Interacting " by RMBphoto

"Lion cub on the hunt! " by kimpaffen

"Eyes " by LxxK

"spy hopping " by mlorenekimura

"_DSC0708-3 " by shayw

"oragatang 3 " by telmark

"great hammerhead shark " by MattMcGee

"Great White Shark " by zachparkerimages

"Jumping Polar Bear " by ericbettens

"Rhino "Crashing" an Elephant Party! " by WorldPix

"Dangerus " by (A)NickSW

"Now that you wake me up is better for you to run " by albertoghizzipanizza

"The Stare (2) " by (A)kevinthurk

"Family Train " by Tysondv

"Running boy " by EuroBen

"Reef shark " by tazdevilgreg

"Black Rhino " by naturesart

"Turtle Beak " by MasonLakePhoto

"Lion in a Tree " by JADUPONT

"9N4A7784 " by Anneliese-Photography

"jogger " by ircacaplikas

"Big Bull " by chriswhittier

"Tiger's Eye I " by LORLEON

"love " by joecas

"A Mothers Love " by troymarcy

"Mr Baboon " by rturnbow

"Sunrise Cub " by irisbraun

"Koala bear " by whitevintagephotography

"Cheetah trio " by (A)ClarissaH83

"A Man Holds His Golden Eagle " by Helen_Mountaniol

"Gorilla closeup " by pixelmac

"Resting Ocras B&W_ " by Lpepz

"IMG_3367 " by Teod

"Duck face Tiger selfie " by (A)Athena_B

"+++ " by dmitrysamsonov

"20160822-IMG_0662-Edit " by Oliveoyle1

"Loving Cheetahs " by Carlos_Santero

"Alpha Tusk " by AzuraPhotography

"Family on the edge " by paaluglefisklund

"Artic Foxes " by (A)jennymagnusson

"Screamin Eagle " by GigiJim08

"Dinner Date " by billgilbert

" " by (A)mattreynolds_1175

"Follow Me " by (A)tylerfitz94

"Polar Bear Cub " by tomingramphotography

"Successful Hunt " by hayleybeavon

"Baby Elephants in the Serengeti " by (A)hartmanc10

"Honu Cove " by petertang

"Kea " by (A)nickgastrell

"Thinking Gorilla " by BenDufeck

"Are we going Yet? " by BaisdenPhotography

"Grey ghost eating mouse " by panilsson

"Splish Splash " by ClaudiaKuhn

"Philippine Eagle " by Selit

"Young Red Kite " by PF-pics

"A legendary shark " by romainbarats

"Heading Home. " by Alfredo_Jose

"Lionì's Family " by Dflorenzi

"The endangered Eastern Quoll " by AshThomson

"The Spectacled owl. " by irinabenedek

""Such a Handsome Boy" " by SunBear22222

"In honor of World Lion Day " by Jtrojer

"Cheetah " by MythicHippo

"20070716_Tanzania_0211-211 " by kgarrett11

"Peek-a-Boo....I Still See You!! " by Pamelabole

"The Giraffe " by DeniseVasquez