"First off, kudos to all the wonderful and varied submissions. Everyone made me proud and reinforced to me (yet again) why I love this particular approach so much." - Alan Shapiro

Thank you to all the photographers that shared their creative and mysterious portraits with chances to win a professional studio lighting kit and more. Making a great image is more then just pressing the shutter... you need to feel it from the heart. A big thank you to guest judge and Award winning, New York based Pro Photographer, Alan Shapiro.  Watch our conversation with Alan and Discover what Alan is looking for in a winning image!

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "Child Forever" by 800ISO

"This image captures a  moments that represents a delightful "universal truth” for me. There is power in the composition and the interaction between subject and prop that is wonderfully reinforced with the dramatic lighting. The negative space allows me to take in the moment without distraction and fully appreciate the thoughts going through the subject’s mind. This image made me smile huge and want to go for a long, winding, high speed drive (albeit in a very fast BMW rather than a Porsche.) No midlife crisis for me. Just a huge standing ovation to all the entrants and most notably to 800ISO for sharing their wonderful images" - Alan Shapiro

Congratulations Runner Up "Sprinkling" by ricardowilliams

"Self portraits are their own unique challenge. Doing them with liquid even more so. The intensity of Ricardo’s gaze coupled with the clarity of the water (at least I hope it’s water) makes this a genuinely stunning image." - Alan Shapiro

Congratulations Runner Up "PA260242-2rap" by robertpuig

"I was hard pressed to choose an overall winner between this and my ultimate choice. I smiled huge when I saw this image as it stood out dramatically in the field of more traditional portraits. The monochrome processing reinforces the eeriness and mystery of the underwater environment and allows my mind to wander to all that lies past our subject (insert theme from “Jaws” here). The darkness of the snorkel mask adds additional drama and mystery to this wonderful image." - Alan Shapiro

Congratulations Amateur Winner "hard day at the office" by Shinegonzalvez

"A classic head on approach beautifully processed to maximize the subject’s interaction with the photographer. Establishing a raport with your subject is so very important as a skill. Being ready to catch what happens in between is equally important." - Alan Shapiro

Congratulations People's Choice"ace" by ardeleanantonio

"From The Shadows" by garryrosenfeldt

"IMG_0088 Old Man by Window Light" by Pinhole

"B&W all woman" by martinclement

"In the shadows" by MatsGunnarssonPhotography

"SPS_7996b" by JudiD

"Self_2048" by FulvioChiari

"cayablog_22" by joaquimGoncalves

"Harry" by hotpixel

"untouchable" by louisloizidesmitsu

"_36A5116-Edit-2" by Migflyer

"From the Shadows" by awlecroy

"Light curves in the dark" by christopherstavrinides

"winter blues" by JeffChandler

"Low Key portrait" by augydelara

"Simply Paula" by viven

"untitled" by HectorRivera

"Oil and Water" by mikehudson_4920

"" The Sage "" by ronmcginnis

"Forgotten Britain" by kizziemurray

"Melancholy" by MCsaba

"2015-06-17_05-56-08" by paulkennedyphotography

"Holly Inspires_" by Owlphoto

"Street Portrait" by vascotrancoso

"Grandpa" by Eric-Coehoorn

"Paul Haynes Photographer" by paulhaynes

"Steven B&W" by Deftonesfiend

"Low key (1)" by lorenzsprotofski-kuipers

"Portrait" by paulhamblin

"Mariel" by ianjamesphotography

"reborn" by zetlog

"Grief" by halodmc

"Frekles" by majatopcagic

"Ann" by miketlim

"Looking out of the shadows" by rosemarieedwards

"Fog Mistress" by teegar

""Illuminata"" by marcogabbuggiani

"Intrique" by VHiggins

"gumshoe" by earlwyant

"Study in the Dark" by Mickey-Goose

"***" by usachevalexander

"Nick Friess Portrait" by RobertGaines

"Jack's son 01" by nellycarr

"Chandra Back" by rreens

"Petra girl" by louiemusa

"Freckles" by DanielWemyss

"Watchful Eye" by JPP300

"from the shadows" by rajmaks

"Morning" by alenpasalic

"Diede" by NinderryStudios

"Batten Down the Hatches_3" by anikamolnar

"Kiara" by kalpachev

"SALUTE" by nikosladic

"Passion" by billndotnet

"Eva III" by Riot23

"My Back" by WillG

"Hollywood Glam" by Jacques_Le_Roux

"Self-portrait" by klapouch

"untitled" by keithpersall

"Sanja Balan" by photos287

"***" by katarzynamwiskajaboska