Thank you to all the photographers that shared their most adventurous travel shots in the Creative Travel Photo Contest with chances to win a Nikon D5300 Camera and more!

"An outstanding image captures the essence of the photographerÔÇÖs experience, and it allows the viewer to participate in the scene at a unique moment in time. This image immediately draws in the viewer with a fabulous composition and leading line of the whale, complemented by an interesting diagonal flow throughout the image. The dramatic contrast of the immense creature in proportion to the diver is exquisite. The image captures the moment when the diverÔÇÖs camera is at rest, while the diver is immersed in that special relationship of a beautiful, otherworldly experience." -┬áDeborah Sandidge

A special thanks to friend and professional photographer Deborah Sandidge for her collaboration as a guest judge in this photo contest. Deborah Sandidge is a professional photographer specializing in world travel and artistic imagery. As an author and instructor, Deborah, expands the horizons of those who enjoy her photographic artistry. She generously shares her creative perspective and inspirational ideas through workshops and seminars. Deborah is well respected for her ability to blend the creative and the technical aspects of photography, giving the viewer a unique and fresh dimension illustrated in each subject she photographs.

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "Sunset Paddle" by tracymunson

"This is a wonderful image captured during the perfect light of sunset. The viewer is transported into the scene, feeling very much part of the element of the waterscape at this beautiful time of day. This image powerfully captures the mood, drama, and artistic beauty of an exquisite travel image." - Deborah Sandidge

Congratulations Runner Up "Cerro Torre/Fitzroy, Glaciers of Patagonia 3" by AdamK

"The challenge for the photographer is to capture an image with great tonality that becomes even more powerful when color is removed from the scene. This is a phenomenal black and white image representing the many glaciers of Patagonia. This photo has excellent patterns, textures, and unique repetition of shapes echoed in the glorious vantage point of the glaciers and mountains." - Deborah Sandidge

Congratulations Runner Up "The Aurora Night In Lapland" by jarijohnsson

"This dramatically exposed image presents an interesting leading line which beautifully draws the viewer into a fairytale of a nighttime image. Tall, stoic, snow laden trees, crested with arches of exquisite Northern Lights, and framed with a deep night sky full of stars delivers the perfect balance of color, composition, and artistic influence. Outstanding!" - Deborah Sandidge

Congratulations People's Choice "gondola" by alexey_gorshenin

"Standing on the Precipice" by Vemsteroo

"Cuban cars Trinidad Color" by willemkuijpers

"Stormy Night" by kennylerosejr

"Zeus got mad....." by panoslykourgiwtis

"In Focus" by ploviekevin

"Into the Forest" by awoisoak

"No Danger" by iwangroot

"Trolltunga" by marc-photographie

"Startrail in Morocco" by samuelroniger

"The jump" by strOOp

"Friends" by peterallinson

"Sailboat Alaska Sky" by apdempster

"Keep walking Periklis..." by ntinos_lagos

"Under the Stars" by DWongPhotos

"Beneath Murhut Falls" by jasonmatias

"Desert road" by joecas

"Mentawai" by vedranvidak_1401

"Mighty Sk├│gafoss" by philipslotte

""Lenscleaning anyone?"" by lmr337

"Morning on Moraine Lake" by dixiejbrumm

"Hawksbill sea turtle" by NZEXPOSED_Photography

"moonscape" by CmoonView

"That Moment" by NatashaHaggard

"Mountain Above The Cloud" by pimpin_nagawan

"Destination reached: Machu Picchu" by bitterer

"Jumping out of the water" by gerdaeilts

"Double Watson 6" by Uinta_Photography

"castell dinas " by Jonas2112

"Walking On A Dream" by prajitr

"The Day After" by Tiziano

"giza" by Dtraveler63

"Waves of history " by lianeguerinbolles

"Lake Fever" by beyond_the_prism

"Rushing Clouds" by Nubcake

"They're Here" by RyanWunsch

"Clouds on Hamnoy" by aidagri

"Sunset Over Sleeping Bear " by JohnWaldronImages


"Very Tropical - Eureka, California" by cmwieber

"Northern lights boom" by zlimmen

"Portrait Of Bromo" by TienSangKok

"Duckabush River Washington - Daybreak-48" by MarciPotts

"Queens Bath Kauai" by PierreLeclercPhotography

"Sunrise Over a Smoky Moraine Lake" by chadmcmahon

"Stokksnes - Vestrahorn, South East Iceland" by davenelson

"Misty Sunrise" by michellemckoy

"Plenneau Bay ,Western Peninsular Antarctica." by SarahCaldwell

"Let's fly!" by q-liebin

"Cloud2-Travel" by ruizc2

"untitled" by CurtPeters

"Portland Head Lighthouse" by xConcertChickx

"Sunsets of Mesquite" by albaker

"Great Sand Dunes National Park" by shannondizmang

"Grand Prismatic Spring /Yellowstone National Park" by dorotaniezgoda

"Untitled" by TomAshmore

"Not Another Tourist" by mclime

"Wave1" by pansybrandtwinters

"The Call Of The Dancing Waters" by vershinin

"Above-the-world" by arpandas

"Green Way" by dustpixxByFabioAntenore

"into the cave" by danielemele

"Snowboarder and his dog" by alekrivec

"yosemite moon" by andyandyblueantipin

"Vermilion " by vitoservideo

"Caravan" by oksanavashchuk

"Magnificent Machu Picchu" by jonosjourneys

"Colorful side of Whisky Gap!" by KEvanson

"The Raven" by nina050

"Kirkjufell" by Geinis

"Merced River - Reflection" by himadribijaypuri

"IMG_5342 copy" by PlusTwoPhotography

"Meadows 1" by RobinHM

"The Milkyway over Chonta. Cusco, Per├║" by sergiovindas

"Ghost Lake" by dsimonewilson

"Maligne Ghosts" by Waynerd

"Midnight Reflections" by JasonHolden

"Outrunning the Storm" by stacylewismccormack

"Mount Robson Tent View" by walasavagephoto

"The Rochelle, Illinois Tornado" by jodimair

"BusinessTrip" by tomato1236

"Mokoro into the Okovango Delta" by Pardus

"West Virginia Road" by rtomsizemore

"Shiraito Falls" by MatthewKou

"In wonderland " by andreacelli

"sky is on fire" by Eventyr

"Camping in the Moonlight" by Ayersphotography

"Perseid Spectacular" by jasonpersoff

"Desert Sunset" by fineartphotography

"Alone" by AntoineBuche

"Trees Of Singapore" by James-Fraser

"Cenote slacklining" by anhede

"Hallstatt" by zarkopiljak

"Me looking out at Stokksnes" by byrnephotography

"Haleakala Vents and Outcroppings" by chriskompst

"Feb 2016 Sunrise Mesa Arch" by jkcorso

"Rila mountain" by evgeni_ivanov

"Grand Awakening" by DrewHopper

"Lake Tekapo - New Zealand" by Jimmmy03

"Explore Wascana Valley" by IanDMcGregor

"Throne of Zeus" by attilaakac

"Channeling the Gods" by joseramos

"'On Top o' the World'" by Mack_Photography

"Southern Heart" by sebastiao_chaves

"Capturing the Light" by dkam10

"Tahoe 03.23 (Panorama 989-1036)_tonemapped_stitch 20x39 240dpi n" by samfashionphoto


"Nature and architecture" by ABMC1

"Icescape" by KPierce90

"Between the branches" by giovannivolpe

"Lining Up the shot" by Tim-Hall

"Iceland in Alberta" by RichardMark-photography

"Golden sunrise" by GiovanniModesti

"sunset" by Seenthrumyeyes

"Elements" by Jellyfire

"Kingdom" by PaulWilsonImagesNZ

"The_Devils_Garden" by anthonyryan