Thank you to all the photographers that shared their most creative landscape photos with chances to win a Canon 5D MK IV camera and more.

A special thanks to friend and professional photographer Michael Sidofsky for his collaboration as a guest judge in this photo contest. Michael Sidofsky is a professional photographer from Toronto, specializing in travel and commercial photography. Being an avid traveler and photographer, his goal is to capture the essence of a destination through the use of advanced techniques in photography and post-processing. This is what sets his images apart from other photographers. Michael’s images aim to portray a unique perspective of places or things that may seem commonplace to the everyday eye, but which trigger some sort of emotional reaction. Whether I'm shooting landscapes, cityscapes, streets or architecture, his goal is to create a connection between the subject and the viewer.

"Glacier meets Hooker Lake " by travisdaldy

"Kayak On Beach " by maureenelliott

"Sea of Sand " by CobusOosthuizen

"Catching Lights. " by SiggiPhoto

"Kumtag II " by smijh

"!!!! THE MONSTER OF NOVEMBER !!!! " by MrSPhotographyAustralia

"teton sunrise " by islandbug

"Iceland " by hjorturlevi

"The Power of Gold " by jamesharrisphoto

"Misty mornings " by george_kossieris

"Sunset Painted Rain " by eastlynandjoshua

"Oeschinensee " by Richard-Beresford-Harris

"beach night sky " by ShiftingLightPhotography

"Rise and Shine " by motownrick

"Grassland tarn " by Nostroboy

"Wrecked boat on sandbank, Donegal " by photonblender

"Fields, forests and lakes " by jgnu

"Aequinoctium " by kirstymorrell

"Self Portrait with Vestruhorn " by Saptashaw

"Field perspective " by livioferrari

"Moravian fields " by JoskoSimic

"_MG_4873b " by rcscharf

"d-20200712-0029 " by sanadsameer

"Good Night, Utah " by Juliocastropardo

"Moon rocks " by tomaszspychaa

"Phantom Valley " by MedicineWalkPhotographer

"Ohana " by ChrisWilliamsEXP

"Wreck " by ClearBluePhoto

"Peak-a-Boo " by JeRoen_Murre

"Megan " by rexjones

"Drama " by barbsandell

"Lunatic " by thomasdefranzoni

"Boathouse in the forest " by AlephD

"Lost Dreams " by EpicByErika

"Beautiful morning " by pawelklarecki

"Sveti Tomaž " by alex_lauterbach

"Aurora Borealis " by ellu

"Peeping at the sunset " by A_Shukla

"Enlightened Lady of the Snows " by Bilderschmied-Danz

"Mount Porezen " by matejmlakar

"Flowing marshs " by MaggieMaePhotography

"The Hague " by MartaKamienska

"Five Towers " by Jan_Smid_MQEP

"JamesIrvineTrailNG " by DuffyDoherty

"The opening " by saintek

"The Little Red Riding Hood enjoying the Santorini View " by billpeppas

"Bill's House " by Guillaume

"Norwegian mountain road " by ritaholdhus

"Ship Rock Spine " by (A)adammassingale

"Cae la noche y la aurora no viene " by (A)JC_LuxVenator

"Natural frame " by (A)mikkokangasmaa

"Lake Shoji - 2018 " by (A)mr_katz_

"auroracanoe2 " by (A)PaulLavoieImages

"September Sunset " by (A)ChrisSJohns