Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best shot in the Covers Photo Contest with chances to win exposure and more!

A special thanks to the photographers that helped us find the following finalists and some of the most popular photos by voting for their favorite shots.

"A single eye can change a day " by MDBPhoto

" " by olga_wing

"Krasae cave on the Death Railway " by Fotojeanique

"My Fender Squier (1 of 1)-2 " by Al_Hughes_Photos

"Climbing for Turns " by sdondero

"Intense Look " by dirkrichter

"1...2...RUN " by DobermanDuo

"Ritual " by nomadraccoon

" " by marcpickard

"End of Season " by HenrikSpranz

"A little tale about a little cat " by teodorasarbinska

"Yaiza " by sollenaphotography

"20/?? ? " by DYACHKOV

"Manarola " by antongalitch

"Sunrise on Bow Lake " by JEKAMOBILE

"Hitting the Waves " by inge_vautrin

"Great white pelican " by gabyrusu

"A young hunter " by mattnoir

"Pine Island " by RYSZARD_LOMNICKI

"Young fox being curious " by ThamdrupWildlife

"Life in Desert-2 " by tinoskiee

"Morning autumn trees " by pietrofoto

"Daddy & me " by hadissima

"Ethereal " by dst0226

"Comet Neowise over Stonehenge " by jamesrushforth

"Bored " by pilardazgmez

"Inspiration Point " by anthonyryan

"RAYNA " by zinojohn

"Inside Looking out Coolangatta " by OceanArtwork

"Roe " by lszlpotozky

"Sunset at Kaaterskill " by KyleBardenPhotography

"Lit Mill " by KarinSPhotography

"Highland Cows " by DaveMctography

"Meandering river " by twieczorek

"Lightning " by danmoran

"arbolito por la tarde " by annetteflottwell

"Alpe... " by kbrowko

"Jugando con una conejito " by amaliazilio

"Katja / Hamburg " by SebastianWarneke

" " by jessstone

"Goveners Bay " by Darrenp

"Sunset melody 3 " by Oleg_Grachev

"Purple Reign " by Denis09

"Through Seasons " by rubensantos

"Summer Nights... " by josh_alb

"Light " by 1WolfPhotography

"Guardian " by EuroBen

"Seeing Double " by johnnelson

"Hidden in the Dunes " by manueladurson

"Sunflower sunset flare " by gregmorgan

"GĂĄsadalur and MĂșlafossur " by Lorentz978

"Yellow and Blue " by aj250gto

"IMG_3147 " by Jose_Luis_Mendez

"8FFEB547-FAE1-4165-B197-07AF80F67B05 " by aaronschwartzz

"Shadow Light " by geopapa

"The entertainer " by sarahwolfe_1013

"chat léopard de Sibérie " by (A)Bernardvinc_photographie

"polar bears " by (A)jackiegoodwin

"Beuty Colors " by (A)komangpramana

"Merganser Mom Water Taxi " by (A)susanlangguy

"Heat Wave Special " by (A)DirkC

"Birthday girl " by (A)Amuturephotographer

"Tarantula " by (A)hobocolin

"Landscape " by olgapereira

" " by gemmasains_0468

"Clipping Along " by chiphendershot

"Trecime " by JoseDRiquelme

"linx brothers " by joecas

"The Kiss Stand " by johoulefoto

"kris " by ilyayakover

"Infinitely Beautiful " by josephleduc

"Carina " by akphotographystudio

"Aimlessly serie " by piterart

"Train " by klepikovadaria

"Deep Down the Rabbit Hole " by (A)Bastetamon

"- I sense the world might be more dreamlike, metaphorical, and poetic than we currently believe... I wouldn’t be surprised if poetry... in the sense of a world filled with metaphor, rhyme, and recurring patterns, shapes and designs... is how the world wor " by jmphotography2323

"Snowy Sunset " by maybunn

"Heather hill 2 " by madspeteriversen

" Little Owl 1 Otterbourne 2020 " by Cinderellastory

"Into the Light " by JessicaDrossin

" " by tinamarie_7110

"Powerful red " by KristinaDub

"Magic Bus " by DaveKochPhoto

"Natalia " by Anastasiya_Kushnyr

"THE HILLS IN GLORIOUS LIGHT " by manuelmohorovic

"Miniature Free Diving " by albaker

"Rain In The Tropics - Watch BTS Video! " by ElenaParaskeva

"charger rulezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz " by depechmaniac

"Ellarose " by daliaa

"S. " by Kerberos486

"Maciej Radel " by halinaj

"Dayane " by ralfeyertt

"AGL_5737 " by GreenCopperz

"cup and saucer " by french1944

"Autumn mood in the mountains " by (A)PedroGregorio

"A touch of autumn " by Prijaznica

"Milky Way And Me " by GigiJim08