Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best shot in the Covers Photo Contest with chances to win Exposure and more!

A special thanks to the photographers that helped us find the following finalists and some of the most popular photos by voting for their favorite shots. Stay tuned for the next covers photo contest coming soon.

"Polar Bear Scratch " by tomingramphotography

"Flower queen " by icyabi5

"Trace " by sergioabellovillanueva

"Black Cat " by dawnvandoorn

"Christmas morning " by tomashtmkmasojc

"Run Wild " by heathermcfw

"A worker huddles up against the harsh North Indian winter on a New Delhi street, where they often end up spending the whole night. " by bimanmukherji

"Martina " by GavWoodgate

"Lago di Limides / Italy " by SebastianWarneke

"~ Good Morning ~ " by HenrikSpranz

"Samantha " by kinggillespie

"beautiful girl in a dangerous place " by DmitryTeperkin

"Tranquil Fall Day " by troymarcy

"Happy winter " by aurora_gio

"Steller's Sea Eagle " by Serise

"Buddies... " by Lichthart

"Sara " by massimilianomancini

"Horse Talk " by johnboland

"Amber Eyes " by BunghiuzEduard

"Taking it all in at Martin Falls " by zachbale

"Hamburg Speicherstadt " by bielefoto

"Nutka " by Sagittarius_Photography

"Lemon Shark Smiling " by carlosgrillo

"Whitetail Deer " by marcobertazzoni

" " by Serg60

"Morning fog in the morning sun " by MatejaNjivar

"Waterfalls in Autumn " by AutumnOaks

" " by Blionbg

"Boom " by dnphoto

"20190115_223119 " by Foto-grapher

"Tryfan " by robbates_3378

"Cinque Torri " by daniturphoto

"Weapons uncover " by sanjeevchadha

"Curves in nature " by kjetilstenslandvilnes

"Bird In Flight " by Beaumar

"6X3A2974-White fury " by nshearman

"Full Force " by WildSeascapes

"Jade and Matrix " by tylerrobertoxley

"Sunset at Tre Cime " by lddove

"Summer Haze " by AidanMurgatroyd

"Tucanos at Sunset " by yipDog

"the king " by moritzleonard

"????? " by Kerberos486

"Jag f-pace 1 " by Mickspix

"Blue Jag " by Nostroboy

"Greek old man " by mill1810

"Clash " by Adrian0h

" " by Nistha

"View From The Gods " by MikeW

"Sarah " by CreativeVibesPhotography

"The Rocks " by martinholdenimages

"Old St. Pete " by johnnystock

" " by bartoszkowalewski

"Disney at Dusk " by Thesamantharego

"Autumn. Sad to see such beautiful colours go... " by imagesbynatalie

"Ride The Storm " by (A)douglasrichardson

" " by (A)larazanarini

"LRM_EXPORT_764029152052260_20181228_160843542 " by (A)Jaydenchon

"Impact " by (A)aldoviola

"Landing " by (A)Bazz

"Day's End at the River " by (A)Manifoldlm

"Take the leap! " by (A)2216_6645

"precious moments " by (A)jasoncervi

"Tincity 4 " by (A)rosesoutter

"Great grey owl in the rain " by AndreSecours

"Wings of the night " by MicktheGreek

" " by Pegertler

"Red beauty " by Paulyp123

" " by Y_C_Photography

"Vertrautheit vereint " by Freidenker

"On the grass " by cristinacovas

"Fun among the baobabs " by Marco_Tagliarino

" " by Lenora22