Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best shots, In the Covers Photo Contest Vol 40 with chances to win exposure and more!

A special thanks to the photographers that helped us find the following winner and some of the most popular photos by voting for their favorite shots. Stay tuned for more inspiring photo contests coming soon!

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "In trappola" by SalvatiPhotography

Congratulations Runner Up "The Secret Beach " by Finnghal

Congratulations Runner Up "Kristina-1" by vibrantshot

Congratulations Runner Up "Hanging Around" by ALTAMONT

"Walking on Water" by ceciliazuccherato

"Floating Into the Light " by ryansnodgrass

"Rickham Beach" by RGW-Photography

"Light and shadow on a woman's perfect body" by Chris_Bos_Photography

"Sun kissed " by Lindstenfoto

"Foggy morning " by Kestas

"Cracked" by MKPhotographysa

"Soul Surfer " by jeaimagery

"Lake Braies " by giovannizanotti

"My Teddy" by tobiasglawe

"LA sky-night" by guntherespinosa

"Three Little Rocks" by riccardo_zambelloni

"Manarola Night" by Jae_atWitsEnd


"Ria de Aveiro - Nascer do sol" by pauloprinter

"Avenue of Boulders" by Smi77y

"Charlie" by stanislavdobak

"Kenya Rainbow" by WorldPix

"The Maiden & the Owl" by DeanYounger

"Roundabout" by jaanstein

"Hamlets Home" by Galskjaer

"Sout Stack Lighthouse sunset" by larryplatner

"Serpents" by martinpodt

"Aiming at Tucson" by Scopppock

"unbenannt-1" by gregschaefer

"Nido dei passeri-Sardinia" by danieledessi

"dark sky city Dresden" by photo-bloom

"Moraine Lake Sunrise" by brianadamson

"Scenic Dusk in Moab - Utah" by marcobertazzoni

"Ilvy" by Lightyear

"the Queen ?f clubs " by Auditus

"Nugget Sunrise " by kumarannamalaivandayar

"Romantic woman " by olenazaskochenko

"smiling brown bear " by Niqueki

"meel " by DennisartPhotography

"Rila Mountain " by atanasdonev

"Beacon Cove " by susanzentay

"Afternoon dip " by stuartjamieson

"Studio work" by Delboyspike

"Leto " by Marcogressler

"Holi inspired " by liudmiladutko

"castle in the sky " by bernhardgeier

"Fox " by roland88

"Water Tower - Montpellier " by alindinu

"Do you have the key to the stars? " by albertoghizzipanizza

"Falling Down " by JTello

"Wonderland " by shane_gregory_

"'the price of freedom is eternal vigilance' " by embas

"Spins " by plan_z

"Early morning " by katjusakarlovini

"Vaffel " by MariLaegreid

"Walking along the forest road" by ganimedes69

"The Blue Hour" by Flaviya

"Open wide and say Ahhhh" by bryanlwilliams

"into the blue" by ircacaplikas

"Reynisdrangar at Midnight" by davidjlong

"Riverfalls" by elenalembo

"Spirit Island, Alberta, Canada" by christopherhawkinsimages

"Asia" by ImageFaktory