A big thank you to all the photographers that participated in the compositions 101 photo contest for a chance to win a in Canon EOS 70D or Nikon D5300 camera. This contest was part of our Earth First Contest Series. Here at ViewBug we love our amazing planet. In order to minimize our impact we're proud to present the Earth First contest series, which awards top-end gear that was lovingly used by another creative individual. Providing high-quality, pre-owned prizes puts less strain on the planet, and allows us to offer even bigger prizes. Classic win win!

Congratulations People's Choice "Dreamland " by saintek

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "To Infinity " by ts446photo

Congratulations Runner Up "Alexia & Kate 1 " by xavierw

Congratulations Runner Up "Kinderdijk 4. " by JuanPablo-deMiguel

Congratulations Runner Up "SpaceX Falcon 9 Iridium 4 Launch from Vandenberg AFB viewed from Avila Beach Friday evening 5:27:15pm-5:32:20pm (305 second exposure, f16 24mm(equivalent)) The bright cloud occurred when the rocket exhaust re-entered sunlight (launch was about 30m after s " by gregedwards

Congratulations Amateur Winner "Vermont Winter Wonderland" by ChrisLillie

"Plitvice Lakes National Park " by FredGramoso

"Manarola " by wojciech_toman

"Sunrise at Nag’s Head " by katelecates

"Kaleidoscope " by aleclux

"Lonesome Tree " by smijh

" " by mel89rey

"Camping Beneath Moon Light " by allen

"Lavande storm " by Dolcefoto

"A river runs through it " by Carlosmacr

"Fishing fox " by vladcech

"Winter " by MarHor

"Sunset at Kinderdijk " by StefanLueger

"Rainbow Houses " by albertdros

"Gasadalur and Mykines " by strOOp

"Turbulent Skies at Tower Bridge " by Chris_James

"December morning " by daniturphoto

"Still " by winmagsino

"Shortie 4 " by edhendricks

"Reynisfjara / Iceland " by SebastianWarneke

"The Good, The Bad and The Dirty " by ashtraus

"Nights streets of Matanzas " by Mrc_Tagliarino

"Lavender_Fields-ElleStaples " by ellestaples

"Jump " by Junejissle

"Cat " by davidgustavsson

"Attackt " by petrikarjanmaa

"Berry " by Annahem

"Explosive fashion " by moritzleonard

"DSC_4715-2 " by franklinabbott

"Summertime feeling " by Signefotar

"pinched " by Ben-Haworth

"The magic bay " by GiulioCobianchiPhoto

"2017-12-22_18-19-29 " by alexlarsen_1270

"quite in Venice " by Carmine

"Mount Washington Snapshot " by keeley15lf

"High Tunes " by rubensantos

"2018_DarMar_calm " by DarMarWorld

"Rusted Frost " by BorisToronto

"The night at 3000 ft " by christianbrogi

"Guiding Luminance " by benjaminfoote

"Rørvika " by nandoharmsen

"Road to the Stars " by iwangroot

"meutrière " by PoloD

"Nothing like a black and white image. " by jacksonmann_3918

"London Eye " by MichalCandrak

"Brewing Storm " by crismagsino

"Burning reflection " by jono_abdipranoto

"Remmi in the heath " by AAPhotography-byAlina

"Relics " by Kavanthekid

"A shipwreck at sunrise on the beach. " by leonhugo

"Let's Go! " by NatashaHaggard

"Kudu " by mikehodgson

"Penedo do Guincho (6/2018) " by josejfferreira

"Lady of the Night " by CreativeArtView

"Nightsky at 17 mile dr, California " by Haophotography

"Ciclyst passing the bridge " by joaocabral

"The Dawn Rising " by dionearchibald

"Yosemite Falls-2011 " by ronaldwebb

"174 " by johnhoward

"Under Brighton Jetty " by emmafleetwood

"Mighty Walk " by KuriousG_12

"On Top of the World " by sydneyherron

"Proportion " by Megabrain

"Technology Imitates Nature " by drewmarshall8

"Solitary " by douglasrichardson

"Winter Lane " by JeroenSchouten

"Swampscott Lightnings " by marchesedp

"Sun kissed " by naraoneil

"Aura " by Twilightgirl

"Slutfield - Yes It Is! " by jasondarr

"Bando Beauty" by Laurelle_June

"Mother and cub at 81.31 degrees north" by mortenross

"Kilauea Lava Flow" by AMills

"Walk on Water" by akphotographystudio

"The survivors" by Markus_van_Hauten

"Metlako Falls Oregon" by larrymarshall