There are seven colors in the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. For this contest we invited you to show how you capture any of these colors in your favorite settings; from landscapes and architecture to still-life and fashion show us how you capture the colors in a creative way with chances to win a Canon EOS Rebel T6 camera and more.

Congratulations People's Choice "Multicolour " by Dasha

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "saltburn beach huts " by R_A_Jackson

"Its fitting for the theme, all the colours in the rainbow. Creative and well framed, shooting in this direction instead of front side of the houses." - Jón Hilmarsson

Congratulations Amateur Winner "Rainbow " by alinacristina

Congratulations Runner Up "Between the Colorful Doors " by gerdiehutomo

"Well framed, interesting idea to get all the rainbow colours like this. The two people make the picture more interesting also. Modern and creative approach to the rainbow theme." - Jón Hilmarsson

Congratulations Runner Up "tiny FROG " by lessysebastian

"springtime " by ianpett

"Color In Action " by sarahking

"Rotunda Moon " by kierandurrantphotography

"Vathorts reflections " by mariovisser

"The Man who makes wall happy " by marcocortezcortese

"Colors in my head " by alexandru_pavalache

"Sophie " by alcowin

"Plymouth-Fireworks-2017-Fairground " by jameshutcheon

"Canyon of the Gods " by CraigBill

"Dutch Colors III " by martinpodt

"Rainy Day " by AbbyMathison

"Winthrop Balloons " by tomtyson

"Color attack " by haraldlenzeder

"Colour " by faithlouise

"Endless Tulips " by gnar5tar206

"Water drops on cd " by Jenn81

"Houten in pink " by Fannie_Jowski

"Crayonbow " by ajmphoto

"Rochelle in the long exposure " by Osterholtz

"The Light That Shines Our Way Home " by phil1

"A Different Scene " by Jchumleyphotos

"The Rainbow Houses " by massimilianoconiglio

"Color Palette " by RanaJabeen

"image-01 " by Juliekins

" " by estislavploshtakov

"Whirligig Siblings " by Julieweiss

"Candy Store " by vernswieringa

"Up and Away " by BerryvineImage

"UmbrellaSky7 " by malcolmdavies

" " by lindaking

"Saltburn Chalets " by johntombling

"Hot Air Balloons in Mildura " by mazza01

"Lanterns " by mike__carpenter

"Reaching for Magic " by AlexGImagery

"Sweets " by lesleygroves

"A45623C " by jessicabricker

"Red, Blue and a bit of Yellow " by cclaude

"When The Party's Over " by michellevallese

"Illuminated Arcades " by Herbert_A_Franke

"GSM_5913 " by photoABSTRACTION

"Wells_PaintParty037 " by taylawells

" " by Richard-Beresford-Harris

"Manarola " by wojciech_toman

"Heaven's Stairway " by Hstarr

"HAVBLIKK " by Arve_HH

"A Look Inside Firefly " by jimstennette

"Alpenglow and Rainbow " by Martin-Wasilewski

"Jokulsarlon Sunset " by AMills

"Bakklandet and the Nidelva River Colour Splash " by SJ_Elliott

"From the Depths of Color " by rees9450

"Dog of a Rainbow " by Dacemac

"The rainbow " by tizianamudu

"Colors " by Sarabis_Pride_Photography

"Mellow yellow " by tylerdonaldson

"Sunset Reflected " by igorbabichenko

"Highlighters " by ewbarnes

"Sweet baby girl, Violet. " by acornoak

"Colourful Tulips " by geophotos

"Old World Charm of Riomaggiore " by ericcriswell

"Color Canons 4 118 " by thomasspipia

"Rainbow's End " by RolandTaylor2

"Adirondack Balloon Fest 2016 " by TheSlappingShutter

"Surfers Paradise " by ventenni

"Cavendish, Newfoundland, the summer of 2017 " by tomgallant_6441

"spring fever " by JennaVee

"Sleeping " by IngridD

"Double Rainbow Pano " by ctbugan

"The Baltic Gateshead " by icphoto

"Drone shot of the Mosta dome during the annual feast of St. Mary in Malta " by justinciappara

"A splash of Colour " by Timbo

"Somewhere over the rainbow " by BiancaBechisi

"Gradient Leaves " by rlinn3

"Peacock jumping spider " by michellebarnes

"The American Dream " by thaddeustobolski

"The boat " by GermanRuizPhoto

"f i c t i o n " by BabetteVanEs

"_DSC1177a " by anneschlueter

"Power of Bokeh " by nishantsharma

"Heads " by NickoMcko

"May the Centrifugal Force Be With You " by bitterer

"Balloon Ride " by sallycarey

"Colorful Wind " by victorpyle

"Candy or necklace? You name it. " by Just-Agnes

"balls of wool " by sandycrowe

"Merry X-mas everyone " by AlexSerres

"crayons-4 " by SorenVance

"Where's the Gold " by keithns12

"Fairground " by AndrewNygren

"Alex Colour " by brokenbutterflies