Thank you to all the photographers that shared their photos showing the clouds in movement in this photo contest in collaboration with Nik Collection by Google. Easily create the photos you’ve imagined with six powerful plug-ins for Photoshop®, Lightroom®, or Aperture®. Use U Point® technology to selectively edit just the parts of your photos that need touching up without losing time on complex masks and selections.

A special thanks to friend and professional photographer Anthony Moore for his collaboration as as guest judge: "I'm a self taught photographer so I find my inspiration in all forms of media including video. I think taking inspiration from other photographers and narrows the field of unique images. I enjoy reading and watching the national geographic magazines and shows. Almost every day I surf the web for new ideas and new images. Google+ is a great way to do this. I follow numerous photographers there, on twitter and through blogs. I read their stories and find out how they get the job done. If I see an image I like, I'll try to duplicate it, but not for the picture...I do it to understand the technique and settings they use to get the result. Its this understanding that makes the relationship with my camera, intimate."

Congratulations People's Choice "Lake Cressbrook Sunrise" by TwoCatsPhotography

"Where's my Port?" by travisdaldy

"Lorne Pier" by npenhall

"The Lighthouse" by danielleminer

"tunnel beach" by ShadowfoxCreative

"We Will Miss You" by antoniolaranjeira

"Stormy clouds" by (A)rsvihlik

"Menhir Lagatjar" by (A)silviosinbad

"Christmas Tree Pass Sunrise" by chrisdemonbreun

"CelineMorisset-2151" by cmorisset

"Light in a Storm" by KeithHillsdon

"The last ray of light in Bogotá" by germanruiz

"untitled" by corymarshall

"mersea-sky" by bazzaboy09

"Mountain Storm" by JourneysInLight

"Rusty Truck" by (A)Structor

"Hurricane on the way" by Ljsilver71

"pastel rundle" by RJHPhoto

"Sand and Sea" by diversionphotography

"Lightning Fire" by andreaevans

"Passing Auroras" by MarshallLipp

"Summer landscape beside of the storm | Paysage d'été à côté de l'orage" by oZimages

"Toowoon Bay Sunrise" by (A)danielmckeon

"Aruba" by (A)Leon213

"Among the giants" by (A)JamesGreen1986

"Even The Fish Want To See" by franklinabbott

"Lanakai Morning" by winfirst

"Taking In The View" by petergreig

"Shelly beach" by (A)dellish

"Sognsvann lake" by kirakosyan

"Stege - the harbour" by kimschou

"_MG_3088" by hwishnick

"King River - Wicklow Gap" by kevinfoley

"Lone Pine" by magnetoman

"BC Sunrise" by tammyring

"Sunset over the Farm" by jackbellamy

"Windy Beach" by PI_Photography

"Rust In Peace" by MikeW

"lake trail night" by rcscharf

"Time Stops over Tetons" by Ed_Erglis_Photography

"Cloud race" by saintek

"The Pier" by CurtisReese

"Llandudno pier" by cedricquillet

"Ila Lighthouse" by KnutAageDahl

"cloud" by MichaelPekasaPhotography

"Tallinn" by (A)Robert222

"Spray Lakes Moonlight" by Edinseye

"Phare Rose Blanche" by JoelDucharme

"Sundown in the meadows" by DennisartPhotography