Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best photo showing creative use of angles and composition in the Clever Angles Photo Contest with chances to win a Canon 5D MK III camera body or Nikon D800 camera body!

A special thanks to friend and professional photographer Alex Benetel for his collaboration as a guest judge. Alex Benetel is a twenty one year old student and photographer from Sydney, Australia. Being fortunate enough to have travelled to many places since quite a young age, she has become very familiar with the importance of documenting a memory or special occasion with the use of a camera. At the age of 16, she enrolled in a Visual Design course which sparked her passion for photography. In 2014, she was named as one of the 20 best artists on Flickr and was flown to New York to exhibit her work. The Flickr20under20 exhibition was curated by Ivan Shaw, Director of Photography for Vogue.

"Seljalandsfoss" by Rodrigueelhajj

"Just Another Day At Work" by Fahad08

"Daru" by GarayGreen

"Transporter" by zayyarlynn

"Rumah Gadang" by (A)irwansyahst

"Passageway to the Past" by dbfoto

"IMG_6387 - Version 2" by (A)dennishorn

"Wood tower" by (A)Origami

"Shipwreck" by IndriaFe

"Breathless" by brettallenphoto

"Hard Water" by michaelray

"Into The Void" by mailsmc

"Spa Pool" by mchutton

"congress of Dresden" by Delfini

"Mushrooms in the fog " by Mirza_Cengic

"Driftwood Arch" by debbietegtmeier

"swirl" by rafsalsa

"Devil's bridge" by EdVal

"Follow the Light" by teresajack

"Abstract expressionism" by Dolcefoto

"Anchor attack!" by nickcalverey

"Drift wood" by JonathanTuckerPhotography

"Fun times" by TrudyGardnerPhotography

"Reichstag Berlin" by petesmith2710

"Baby Sandhill Crane and Mom" by OutbackPhotoAdventures

"S Curve" by aphotogenicworld

"Beyond" by JeffAlexander

"Statoil building" by tomaszmajewski

"Antelope-Canyon" by Globetrottingturk

"sun(flower)set" by stastravinsky

"Be Creative" by jayibarra

"LA_Lights" by zero9photog

"Got my eyes on you" by gordeau

"From above" by JADUPONT

"IMG_6285" by (A)mattyd12

"image" by (A)deguslemon

"Stairway To Heaven" by (A)andycruxton

"Caution: Deere Crossing!" by jeffzenner

"Caught Speeding" by (A)Followtheleed

"Colloseum Puddlegram" by bengreenphotography

"speckles color" by NDEPhotography

"feathers " by (A)davidbidmead

"Mount Robson Tent View" by walasavagephoto

"high__ground" by jrfleury

"Dog" by Signefotar

"Gobustan, Azerbaijan" by srijitbhaumick

"PIER & Bird" by Alannixon

"Ladybower Bellmouth" by tesniward

"Cha-Ching" by Gigmin

"Cleveland Dam Falls" by kenmcall

"The Eye Of The Dragon" by lucalibralato

"Underneath the Eiffel " by jekabssilacerps

"Looking Up" by JonMonFishImagery

"Boscombe pier" by (A)shaunjacobs

"Round light" by juliestgeorges

"Thorup Strand" by olesteffensen

"Big Foot" by AlissaBethPhoto

"Saltwick Burst" by phillg

"Edge of the Ledge" by stian

"DSCN4259" by XanderVision

"Sea Foam Moment" by larrybeard

"We are one." by robertmatakovic

"IMG_0147" by jleiweke

"Skyraider" by TedCobbett

"Woodland Princess" by Celtic

"Beauty" by AshleyGoverman

"untitled" by aimee_bant

"Neglected" by ChixPixPhotography

"MOMENTS" by markusalexander

"The Chain" by johannesoehl

"Discover the Night" by SebastianWarneke

"Cannon Beach" by (A)wluna2

"Tulip Festival" by gszabo

"Drops of Gold" by (A)SaschHalpin

"Tire Track with Running Woman" by lucretia

"The Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge IV" by fotofitz

"Under the Tower" by SteveCrampton

"Convergiencies" by antoniozarli

"winter bride" by ntinos_lagos

"Montparnasse - Follow the line " by alexandresurel

"Hello Down There" by (A)KKGivens

"Super Puffin" by lindapepper

"01,SE084,DB,Balconies" by Duglas50

"Stairs" by borisfrkovic

"Wild Ride" by adavies

"Cable Mill in Cades Cove" by Merma1d

"VinaHell" by DanielJPhotography

"Noche a Porto Venere" by leonardospinelli

"Death Valley Dunes Sunrise (1 of 1)" by Barparildar

"Iron Lady" by gabrielnouar

"Escalate" by kieranbertram

"Snaky Leading Lines" by SandraSlead

"Le Panier" by pavelblahnik

"a web" by (A)Marniej03

"crazy" by (A)Nrvi

"Appartments Eindhoven (nl)" by Leo_van_der_Sanden

"Ocean embraces land" by HawaiiHans

"Eiffel Tower Perspective" by rogerminton

"Walk The Line" by Joshua_N_Lopez

"Teaching Moment" by elyprosser

"Hi!" by BRIN

"Cows-2-2" by dscham

"Eye2eye" by Bzox

"up v" by tassanee

"Slide back to First" by cazaresmedia

"Roundtrip" by BrekonBaxter

"Soaring" by stephenliard

"untitled" by staceyJC

"IMG_8468" by d_pollet

"B.O.R.E.D!" by (A)DGriffiths

"Lil Bomb" by SabineE

"'Blood Moonrise'" by kriswilliams

"MingusMill-7975" by jmhillphoto

"do not open. nature inside" by (A)Nelson_Monteiro_Magalhaes

"Rat on a Hot Tin Roof" by saraascalon

"On the run" by ErikSvec

"Hello down there" by rosshutton

"Shipwreck Texel, the Netherlands" by gerritdegroot

"Pattaya Pier Sunset Thailand" by tonilaird

"Angles" by tomhall

"The Shack and the Hill (long exposure edit)" by roryturnbull

"In Before The Storm" by PJSalvati

"Alabama Hills" by DerekKind

"quadrant of life" by khantzaw

"The Eye of the Dragon" by madspeteriversen

"Whitby Pier" by SteveCheetham

" (180 of 252)" by adrianibarra

"Leaf of fall" by naomikimhi

"Photo Aug 12, 2 05 21 PM" by kscan12

"In the Wave" by lukedimech

"Escaping from the Underworld" by petrosnikolaides


"curtain wall, Warsaw" by tomaszromaszewski

"Riders" by HatcatPhotography

"From a Shells View" by LindaDLester

"LOFOTEN NIGHTSPECIAL" by floriangurtner

"Sunrise On Notre-Dame" by fleos