For this nature photo contest we invited all photographers to share the beauty of our planet by showing off your best nature shots with chances to choose from a Canon 5D MK III body or Nikon D610. Congratulations to the following finalists and stay tuned for the winner announcement coming soon.

"Pulverise " by thurstonphoto

"Senja " by carlostojo

"Chance Encounter " by hiyahercfarm

"Milky way Castle " by IvanPedrettiPhoto

"Cloud Shadows on the Hill " by A_B_digital

"Buffalo Hanging Out at Old Faithful " by ChasingLightLikeMad

"l whale " by Rdodson77

"Aurora Borealis in Iceland " by carmenioneanu

"Black Sands Opera " by vershinin

"Frost on Rose " by VictoriaBullock

"Skogafoss " by moharrim

""THE DRIFTER" " by jeannebencichnations

"Press-The-Button " by Nishant-101

"Lava Entering the Ocean " by andreaspallanzani

"Pretty " by CreoleJezebel

"Autumn is here " by JeffreyA

"Taughannock " by markpapke

"Seljalandsfoss " by Rodrigueelhajj

"Piercing Through the Tree " by jeffpudlinski

"Elk at Sunrise " by donanzinger

"Free " by ingriddelberghe

" " by colleone2

"A Hike to Remember " by aaronncollier

"Silky Smooth " by Harbi

" " by Damon14102004

"KC112 " by FlorendoStudioArts

"High Tatras seen from Pass over Lapszanka " by henryksadura

"Mourning Dove Angel (4x6) 2-0008 " by laurenkaymyers

"Sleepy bear " by paaluglefisklund

"Lone Tree " by wombatgirl51

"Yellow Prime " by MKPhotographysa

"Autumn Plumage " by MarhieMarhie

"Water falls from meghalya india " by arunkumarkrishnaiah

"The Last Light " by babumon

"DSC_3318 " by KSMesser

"THE WAY FORWARD " by raulweisser

"One of the best days " by travelnthink

"Forest Path " by AliciaRPaparo

"Aspen Crown " by MichaelRung

"Chesnut-mandibled Toucan " by zmachacek

"Final " by VanquishStudios

"Slip Down " by sergioabellovillanueva

" " by RebeccaLBryant

"Lot of life " by matthiasjlt

"Aequinoctium " by kirstymorrell

"Verliga " by Konstantinos_Lagos

"Self Portrait with Vestruhorn " by Saptashaw

"Dolphins at Play " by PeterEvans23

"Focusing diagonally " by Gahpir

"Intensity Personified " by troymarcy

"Kilauea Lava Flow " by AMills

"Fox " by johnpreston_5231

"Jökulsárlón " by josedevesa

"Solitude " by extremalen

"Rogue Wave " by chriswhittier

"Northern Harrier Take-off " by animalartist

"Moose Land " by Jknauf

"Rage " by joe_menggolo

"Wall of water " by Deep13

"yosemite moon " by andyandyblueantipin

"Red Rock Canyon after a fresh snowfall " by DaleFPoll

"Mount Hood reflecting on Lost Lake " by TrekLightly

"Sea grass and shell fish " by peterfarmer

"Half Dome sunset, Yosemite National Park " by Walklightphoto

"It's a wonderful life " by MicktheGreek

"Eruption on Etna " by RonTear

"Ice Cave " by Tiziano

"Sunburst Weedy Sea Dragon " by Ashley_Missen

"Pursuit " by meganlorenz

"The three Muskertiers. " by RuwanFonseka

"Prague:Israel - Final 195 " by RobClaysPhotos

"Frozen Silver Lake " by JonByronV

"Nature is my religion. The Earth is my temple " by jsunvisions

"Ice Caves at Sunrise " by JohnStager

"Odyssey " by francescogola

"Yosemity Falls " by lefteris.k

"Mokoro Sunset " by Jtrojer

"Follow your dreams " by SteffenE

"Sunrise Over Hot Creek " by ConorEgan

"Belle Isle Point " by stevechoryan

"Secret Canyon " by globetrottingtimo

"Rommedalen in Moonlight " by iwangroot

"DSC_7459_7459_7459_easyHDR " by CNP68

"Half the clan " by wanderinjon

"Golden Cascade " by Jchumleyphotos

"Cliffside " by miimeij

"In Awe " by brandonborn

"Country Bum 2 " by Phillip_Ward_Photography

"Grass at Sunset " by harflu

"The endangered Eastern Quoll " by AshThomson

"The salty island " by jamiemackrill

"Amur Tigress Close-up " by zquentin

"Day In The Life " by ClearBluePhoto

"Dream world " by zachparkerimages

"The Kander River " by M_StylePhotographie

"sunset soon " by TyPsd

"The_Junior_Rockhopper_Choir " by Luminous_Explorer

"Mirror " by Beyerphoto

"Natai Beach " by iScreen

"2 of a kind " by christophergrobler

"Lighthouse Blues " by (A)wimdenijs

"Seal Pup, Tyne Sands, East Lothian " by (A)tobyprice

"Hopscotch " by (A)Twilightgirl

"The Wanaka Tree at Sunrise " by (A)JudyPowellPhotography

"Baby Black Bear " by (A)AlaskaPinesPhotography

"Ice cave " by (A)whaevamakesuhappy

"600m above sea level and the ocean is looking sweet " by (A)shmorten

"Mt. Magog " by (A)sdemontre

"Forest " by (A)santesimon

"Face in the Waves " by (A)Katnott

"Buachaile Etive Mòr waterfall " by (A)RonCunningham

"The fallen tree " by (A)grigoriskoulouriotis

"You Go First! No! You Go First! " by (A)Rangerness-PV

"Across the Ice and Snow " by scottwickward

"Lake Tasman " by GkCM

"A splash of spring " by MJLara

"On the top of Maui Vulcano " by (A)crissdiamond

"Garden of the Gods: Moonscape " by GayleLucci

"Fire in Savannah " by UsmanovRashid

"The way to the north " by RalfvonSamson

"Dubai Desert " by (A)DebbieP

"Spring " by ahmadtaneemkamal

"Grooming " by (A)ventenni

"A Mothers Love " by (A)Spider1987

"Innocent " by Basciano_Photography

"Osprey fishing 3 at Hornmill 2017 " by Cinderellastory

"Northern boats " by gijscollet

"Soda Creek, Oregon Cascades " by (A)JoanCarsonMartelli

"Adeline " by ShannonAlexander

"Force of nature " by fayedunmall

"Sticking the Landing " by angrylemur

"All About The Eyes " by Cobble-Art

"First light on mountains... " by elenapardini

"Escape from the ice " by fabrizioferraris

"Explorin " by Ivan_Bertusi

"92B7DE36-E999-4BFB-A1C7-23F84D91710F " by kdooley

"A new beginning " by truetolifephotography

"The Sunrise Explorer " by marcoitaliani

"Natural frame " by mikkokangasmaa

"Friendswith benefits " by Woodstokkz

"I'm thiiiis big... " by vladcech

"Fire Over Grass Island " by ElenaParaskeva

"Alone at Horseshoe Bend " by Daniel_A_Angulo

"_6106073-EditBig Island " by wayneobald

"Zion National Park Overlook " by (A)ks_pics

"Serval " by Renzor

"Penguins near the ice edge " by kiramorris

"devil-arch's Arch " by Juliocastropardo

"Desert Sunrise IV " by markcote

"Singularity " by saintek

"Longneck 2.0 " by Kris_M

"AD8I9513 Multnomah Falls Oregon " by Cobypix

"Evana de Lune 01 " by NickJeremiah

"edit stars " by Callumgualdi

"Sun touch " by LaYue

"ESC_3135 " by rgmoore

"JamesIrvineTrailNG " by DuffyDoherty

"Inner Light " by JCPhotoPro1

"Waves " by Inverted_perspectives


" " by (A)BrunoHeeb

"Stone Wave " by DaveKochPhoto

"DSC_3722 " by TerriCoxPhotography

"DSC00060 " by (A)alef0

"Two whales watching " by d_avetar

"The Misty Road " by HaydnDarePhotography

"Green Land " by (A)MariaBander

"Thunder1 " by RavinderSinghPhotography

"D85_2771 " by Masher

"zebra " by hannesgrobler

" " by Kaisaleephotography

"Top Of The World " by gldosa

" " by (A)tordeide

"Ulkabrishti " by atanubandyopadhyay

"found the light in the darkness " by crazyangel77

"mediterranean " by lrizzodg

"Surviving the Winter " by billsisson

"Head to Head " by RobinODonnell

"Misty sunrise " by sanzianarachiteanu

"Spotlight " by runeaskeland

"Lion " by DoigPhotography

"red passion " by adelmomassola

" Summer memories " by amaliazilio

"Tre Cime di Lavaredo " by smijh

"Large Ice Floe " by johndelalande

"Open Wide " by toddcollier

"Death Valley cracks " by johnhaymore

"Scottish staredown " by (A)vincentcroce

"Aiguille du Midi " by Helen_Mountaniol

"nature " by georgiaark

"Underwater world " by RiccardoMantero

"IMG_5631_2 " by fotki54

"IMG_8346-3 " by caprin

"Dance of dunes. " by Soulcraft

"Peter " by AJRingstrom

"Shortie 4 " by edhendricks

"turtle - lady musgrave_5584 " by dallasnock_photography

"Amboseli Sunrise " by lddove

"Freedom " by katarzynaokrzesik

"Gentle touch " by spARTiat_de

"DSC_1138 " by ianrobins

"Humpback whale (Megaptera novaeangliae) " by smkeena

"Happy Hippo " by izzybouchard

"On the prowl on a tree " by (A)ChrisIS

"Silverback Gorilla in the Wild " by Lpepz

"Ocean Fury " by Mitchharrold

"Glacier power " by madspeteriversen

"Seat with a View " by eastlynandjoshua

"24-1 " by delhunter

"Autumn Road " by petesmith2710

"Vacha Dam " by nikolaialexiev

" " by polivio71

"Gore Glen " by StephenBridger

"IMG_6254-0237 " by Pablo-Klik

"Fire and Ice " by JenniferCShade

"Fire and Smoke on Mt. Yasur " by AdamK

"Sunrise Fog " by teddymorrow

"King Of The Savannah " by wesleysphoto

"Ilhéu de Vila Franca " by paulosoares-photography

"ILKLEY_MOOR " by gilesrrocholl

"Leave in my hand " by Hamzamahfoudi

"siberian amur tiger " by JBramerPhotography

"The dark Hedges " by albaem

"Beautiful storms of life. " by BLPhotography

"Oregon Coast " by larrymarshall

"Braies Reflections " by Marco_Tagliarino

"Maui Humpback Whale " by kathymuhle

"Quiver trees at sunrise " by joggievanstaden

"1 DSC_1048 " by Popov_Alex

"Mothers Running Lesson " by (A)Structor

"auroracanoe2 " by (A)PaulLavoieImages