For this photo contest, we invited community members to share their best shots showing windows as the main aspect of the composition with chances to win a Sigma 70-300mm f/4-5.6 macro lens and more. Stay tuned for the winner announcement coming soon. Congratulations to the following finalists:

"Regina " by JackHoier

"2019-11-23 Olivia-Fb24 " by Laurent_Martinotti

"Misterious " by RiccardoMantero

"Love Reflected " by cleitonisoton

" " by Psuhas

"Coffee time " by MishoJx

"_DSC5462xb " by karvalmih

"A Moment " by AmyNash

"Windows " by helmuth

"Yes... You... :-) " by Iwona

"Beach Cottage " by westi

"The Holidays Are Coming " by felicityberkleef

"Violeta " by GermanRuizPhoto

"“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.” " by juliagoss

"Bond - Miss Bond " by Eyeconic

"pretty in pink " by captcathy

"20180125Lily_Gilbert_25Jan2018-_LIL9309163-Edit-2 " by gregkirkydoodles

"DSC_0931 " by RobertFoldes

"I've been waiting for you. " by Jimg

"Tranquility " by UncleDozer

"4a " by missemsmommy

" " by sc114

"Window Gardener " by craigboudreaux

"V " by coughdrop

"Boudoir " by tasmemon

"window " by felixbarjou

"Mandy Rose-Multi Colored Animal Headbands " by vastdreamer

"Looking at forever " by etchedintimephotos

"IMG_20180615_165737_372 " by goranpavletic

"Possibly the best photo ever taken of me. :) " by seantredway

"Here, there and everywhere " by klapouch

"Olga Kaminska " by ronaldcools

"DSC06245WEB " by stephanoskaraoulis

"DSC_9024 " by Boud1999

"20151122-Looking In... " by (A)rocko6

"Nature's Dryer " by (A)LestyngPalanyag

"img_4453 " by seraphim666

"Watching the World go by " by (A)iansmith_6452

" " by mm1972

"Awaiting " by (A)debarshi1984

"Sunset view " by Darrenp

"Painting the house " by DanielJPhotography

"Window Washers " by RHRatcliffe

"Tanya " by georgekakabadze

"Briella " by christopherbrearley

"Thoughts " by kirkmills

"Deep in thought " by Nilesh_P

"2E8AFC47-F279-4D6F-8D0C-AFB70F482332 " by scottphillipson

"Thirty five " by ShannonAlexander

"Anna1 " by Talmaza

"youth - 1 " by stefanotieni

"Mystic view " by cwvisions

"dancia " by stephengalle

"Rebecca " by kinggillespie

"facing away " by amaliazilio

"Lady in the Window " by sydneymanuel

"SOPHIA-1-13 " by OFFtheWALLfotos

"Roofline " by ReneFuller

"Flower Box " by robwill236

"Angels Flight " by davidwkwok

"View From A Window " by blairknoxphoto

" " by photobynorb

"Secret window " by tinozavrus

"Kristina " by ilyayakover

"Wonder " by Lindsey_Shedd

"Blind Date (2) " by antoniogirlando

"Anticipation " by JessicaDrossin

"Window classic... " by Cezary

"This is my Life " by pedroquintela

"Bathtime - voyeur " by briancann

"All Aboard...! " by mcampi

"Solitude " by zarkopiljak

"minimilasim " by DeeanaCreates

"Right on The Ledge! " by adavies

"Window Watching " by kapuschinsky

"Happy morning " by ovidiubujor

"BUDDIST STUPA IV " by henridroski

"Drawing on windows " by nicolekost

"City Life Sentence " by ricklecompte

"Inside the Cabin " by eastlynandjoshua

"Port of Hamburg " by Herbert_A_Franke

"Pensive " by HP_Fotografie

"Hidden Ships " by siamesesam

"_MG_1200 vb " by didiersmal

"Rakel " by HeidaHB

"Myanmar Train " by Forrest_Brown

"Window " by bojben

"Another Time " by Silverlake

"Stairways to Heaven " by Lichthart

"thirty-seven days away " by (A)melissafarelli

"Home is not a place, it's a feeling. " by (A)JTSamson

"Barn Window " by hhshark347

" " by adelmomassola

"Let the sun inside " by aimeejohn

"Curious Girl " by GaryEllisPhotography

"Pigeon Man " by KuriousG_12

"The Center " by FrauGipp

"can you hear me " by lindseyapril6

"thirst of meeting " by (A)Boke

"Red " by ewacwikla

" " by (A)kjerstinicolelarsen

"She " by aniaciolacu

"Window light " by CraigAnderson

"Moonlight " by mariamercedeszabala