Thank you to all the photographers that shared their favorite photos showing motion blur in this photo contest with chances to win a Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM lens and more!

A special thanks to friend and professional photographer Lisa Langell for her collaboration as a guest judge in this photo contest. Lisa Langell is a multi-award-winning wildlife photographer with an international following. She is known for her signature wildlife images that artfully capture breathtaking, split-second moments. Her images evoke both a visual and emotional connection for the viewer, offering not just a photograph—but an intimate experience with nature. Lisa’s artwork has earned recognition and awards from the National Wildlife Federation, North American Nature Photographer’s Association, Professional Photographer’s Association, Arizona Highways, and more.

"Timewarp " by thurstonphoto

"Winter Wonderland " by MarvinEvasco17

"7:11 " by weshardaker

"Carousel Time Lapse " by KennethKeifer

"Harnessing the wind " by dianadowhower

"Lighthouse Surf " by patrick9x9

"Dunsmuir Crossing " by Jbbevel

"Slow Surfer Wave 4 " by Cokies004

"Morning Light " by phillg

"The Punsh " by Andreas_Voigt

"S curve " by JessaJanesPhotography

"Driving " by AnthonyAlpha

" " by NinaKling

"Industrial Tornado " by Arbustus

"Watercolor drawings " by adrian-borda

"Diamond Beach " by motownrick

"Slow Green " by Stu_Soley

"DSC02687-9 " by photobynorb

"Honda CBX Cafe Racer " by HathsinPhotography

"Speed blur " by Surfingsaru

"Incoming Tide at the Peter Iredale " by jaredweaver

"Happisburgh-2 " by stevehardiman

"Nightime shot at the VLA Radio Observatory in New Mexico " by brentmorris

"SpaceX Falcon 9 Iridium 4 Launch from Vandenberg AFB viewed from Avila Beach Friday evening 5:27:15pm-5:32:20pm (305 second exposure, f16 24mm(equivalent)) The bright cloud occurred when the rocket exhaust re-entered sunlight (launch was about 30m after s " by gregedwards

"Big-Ben trails " by farigiovanni

"Whiplash " by adavies

"dmiller-234 " by williamgeisler

"Blur this! " by PierreTurtaut

"Ghost on the Stairs " by GoKiriDesigns

"Pony likes it sideways " by PeterTerry

"Paintball warrior " by delhunter

"Catch me if you can " by ruthjolly

"Preparing to board " by RonTear

"Roger Albert Clark Rally. Ford Escort Mexico " by lrk

"The drummer " by (A)zoemeadows

"A walk in the night " by (A)Night_Camera

"Melting in the wavy ocean " by petersvoboda

"the mill " by BOULENGER

"Antelope Canyon (_X5Q9821) " by larrymarshall

"Island Love " by ryanbuchanan