Here is something we can learn from Feova about the techniques and story behind this awarded photo.

The photo was taken in Botanical garden, I found a beautiful rosarium in there, so we decided to make portrait in roses .We took this photo while it was golden hour - the best time of the day, as known! I love soft light, that is the reason why I shoot principally in the evening. So, when my model lay in the roses, shadows wasn't sharp.

Roses and those beautiful colors always inspired me! I love to shoot beautiful models, but on this photograph, I guess the most important part is her eyes. This time I made a retouch a little bit, made her look clearly and I used color correction for nails, because they was too blue and there was a big difference between roses, her lipstick and nails.

For the mentioned shot I used a Nikon D7000 camera with Nikkor lens 35 mm f2.0. No other equipment was involved. Besides my Nikon D7000 camera I always have two lenses: Nikkor 35 mm f2.0 and Nikkor 50 mm f1.8 . Except this, I always have lens cleaner, little tripod, napkins. And little life hack from me: I have a little pack, so if I need to lay my model on the ground (like in this case) I always can do it

The 50 percent of success is photographer and the other 50 is model (this is my own formula). When your model understand what do you want from her it's a big deal! So, don't be afraid to try!

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