Here is something we can learn from angie_1964 about the techniques and story behind this awarded photo.


This image was taken at one of my favourite sunrise locations, Fifty Point, just West of Grimsby, Ontario in Canada.


I arrived very early in the morning in order to catch the sun rising over the horizon, however the sunrise was rather disappointing.


I decided to utilize the somewhat flat light in order to take a longer exposure and also enhance the feeling of cold.


The photograph was shot using a Nikon D800e camera with a Nikon 24.0-70.0 mm f/2.8 lens. I use a Gitzo tripod with a Markins Q10 Ballhead. In order to increase the length of my exposure I used a B+W ND110 Neutral Density Filter.


You have to be willing to get out and shoot, even when it seems ridiculously cold. Dress for the weather. Generally with the excitement of what I am shooting I forget how cold it is.


This location is one of my favourites in all seasons. I've long hoped to catch the ice building up over the old wooden remains with very little luck. When hoping for this shot the prior year, I was greeted with a lake that was so frozen you could walk well past the piers. For this shot, I was tremendously excited to be greeted with this wonderful scene.


Because it was a long exposure, it was necessary to do a bit of noise reduction post-processing. I was lucky that this particular image didn't require much extra work, as the exposure was fairly even.

In my camera bag:

I always bring my Nikon D800e body along with my Nikon 16-36mm f4 and Nikon 24-70 f2.8 lenses. I wouldn't leave home without my two favourite ND filter, the B+W ND110. For long exposures I always use my tripod and remote release.

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