For this photo contest, we invited you to share your favorite shots showing beautiful smiles with chances to win a gift card, VIEWBUG Coins, and more. There's something special about a genuine smile. It's warm, and inviting, and can even be contagious. That's why taking photos of people smiling is such a rewarding experience.

"Embracing the diversity of smiles, these three captivating pictures echo the sentiment that β€˜Nothing you wear is more important than your smile.’ Each smile is unique, reflecting different cultures, emotions, and stories, yet they all share the universal language of happiness. These images celebrate the beauty of diversity and remind us that a smile transcends barriers, making it the most powerful and impactful accessory anyone can wear.” - Master Judge Jurijs Tralli

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "Smile " by traceydobbs

Congratulations Runner Up "Dad having fun.JPG " by bryxter

Congratulations Runner Up "Colombe " by lothare

Congratulations People's Choice "Happines " by jolantamacionczyk