For this photo contest, we invited you to join us in honoring the classic beauty of black and white photography with chances to win a SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab A7, and more cool prizes. By eliminating color, we focus on the essence of photography: the interplay of light, texture, contrast, and the art of framing. We invite submissions showcasing monochrome imagery's power and sophistication, where creativity and skill are paramount.

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "Sand Porter " by rohanbd26

Congratulations People's Choice "Untitled" by Graham_Galloway

Congratulations Runner Up "Survivor" by ArtMoodVisualz

Congratulations Runner Up "Distracted " by renekuipers

Congratulations Runner Up "The Body 3 " by Schnabler

Congratulations Runner Up "print572 " by jasoncervi

Congratulations Honorary Mention "DSC03579_ " by irostap

Congratulations Honorary Mention "Jump " by Altrovelisola

Congratulations Honorary Mention "Focus on the Goal " by philtaylor_5129