Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best photos of newborn or baby animals in this photo contest. Be sure to browse all the irresistibly cute submissions as we have it all: from lion cubs to newborn ducks and everything in between! A special thanks to all the photographers that helped us find the People's Choice by voting for their favorite baby animals and to friend and professional photographer Mikael Sundberg for his collaboration as a guest judge!

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "A Fistful of Kits" by petergreig

"This is such a strong image. One wonders how their lives are when they get older." - Mikael Sundberg

Congratulations Runner Up "cause-for-concern-2014" by FrankSomma

Congratulations Runner Up "untitled" by danieldecker

Congratulations Runner Up "Dorian Gray" by kilkennycat

"Innocence" by GigiJim08

"Sally's Litter" by chieflong

"Snug" by ScottELB

"Adoration" by elfiedwards

"Wilber" by kylejohnson

"Untitled" by aprilmilani

"Sleeping cubs" by garycox1

"Boxer pup" by maddhatter

"No fishing" by michael_travers_0423

"speckles color" by NDEPhotography

"Pygmy Marmoset" by tazdevilgreg

"angry kitty" by scottbennett

"Spectators ..." by Bridgena_Barnard

"Melbzoo2012Sc-11" by eszterrule

"Fawn" by Bebe11

"untitled" by ChristopherM

"Tiger Cub" by SteveFreeman

"Newborn baby goose" by Solomulala

"Caravan" by patrickbaum

"Eyes of a Child" by mpachis

"Lion Cub Growl2" by melissa3339

"Baby Canada Geese" by jessicakirste

"cheetah family" by kasper

"curious fawn" by petefreund

"Next Generation" by TheTraveler

"_MG_8052w" by rommieh

"Zebra" by srb277

"elefamily" by sanjeevmishra

"Untitled" by adelecarne

"Family on a stroll" by mulliganpete

"image" by Kdowdphotography30

"Lion Cubs" by LindaDLester

"Joanne" by Aloha4

"Curious kitten" by Cbries

"Snow Cub" by JeffreyA

"Gary_Roylance_01" by garyroylance

"Aww Mom" by mpachis

"20140110-IMG_4245" by meganletich

"Baby Zebra with Mom - Sunset" by scottwneal

"Baby Grizzly - Learning Lessons from mom" by karenkaystaats

"Kitten in a Jar" by genelinzy

"Easter Bunny" by Scubadaddy

"Meaning Of Life" by christopherpayne

"Now listen to me" by GaryBridger

"Little Roarrrrrr!" by davidyack

"Curiosity" by fotomat

Congratulations People's Choice "I love ducks" by PHOTOHAPPY