Thank you to all the photographers that shared their Artificial photos in the Artificial Light Photo Contest 2017 with chances to win a Spyder5ELITE and more!

A special thanks to our friend and professional photographer Noël Alva for his collaboration as a guest judge in this photo contest. "My name is Noël Alva and I'm a Los Angeles native photographer who has been shooting for 16 years. I mainly focus on lifestyle and travel on my Instagram @noel.alva but I shoot everything from weddings to concert photography as well. I shoot with a Nikon D750 and 20mm 1.8 lens about 98% of the time. Although I live in Los Angeles, I never am home because I'm always out seeking adventure in beautiful places with wonderful individuals. My next big adventure is in November where I move to Guatemala for several months before then roaming all over Central and South America for up to two years until I make it to Patagonia."

Congratulations People's Choice "ManMadeEnvironment" by rogerhampton

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "Listen to the starts " by DanielKordan

"I live my life constantly looking up at the cosmos. From starry night skies to following to moon phases to trying to spot a satellite orbiting the earth, I absolutely love the feeling I get when I look up and realize that we are small and that the universe is something we are barely beginning to comprehend. But it's a beautiful thing to remember that we are made of the same celestial dust." - Noel Alvarenga

Congratulations Runner Up "Road to the Stars " by Mattia_Bertaina

"Same as before. But the difference with this one is the fact that everyone has a path in life. Some roads  lead to dead ends and require u-turns or traveling on  unpaved, uneven roads. Whatever the destination, it's good to remember that we all have a beginning and end point, but to stop from time to time to enjoy the middle. The journey part of it." - Noel Alvarenga

Congratulations Runner Up "A Moment of Seriousness " by kathrynsklenakdannay

"A moment of seriousness. A moment or reflecting. A moment of peace. It doesn't matter what religion one practices. I think peace and unity and love and light are universal in creating a better tomorrow. Let love light the way." - Noel Alvarenga

"Black & White " by Maikl

"The night was dark and full of wonders. " by marusnazzaro

"Show Me The Way " by Andre_Farinha

"Never is a Promise " by Wayne-Stadler-Photography

"Snow storm in China Town " by andreafanelli

"they never even become aware " by bryanmaes

"Road to Manhattanhege " by hugovalleperez

"DSC04771 " by adrianmurray

"The Heart Of Cinque Terre" by Rodrigueelhajj

"sarel_photowise-14" by sarelvanstaden

"Faerie tail" by RainingInsanity

"Cape Palliser Re-edit" by davewilling

"Mirror Bridge" by skeeterarnold

"Golden Glow" by ianchen0

"Brooklyn bridge" by EvgenyDubinchuk

"Light Arteries in the Blue Hour" by RiccardoMantero

"ufo" by carstenriedl

"Married in the rain2" by PaigeLaroPhotography

"blue marina bay" by alex_lauterbach

"ID20131126 - Frankfurt am Main" by mohamedelbarkani

"Road to Schwägalp" by raegi

"tokyo tower city view" by aaronchoiphoto

"Twin Steel Wool" by AbelPhotography

"Night Camp " by blairwacha

"eye in the sky " by joecas

"Lisbon... Muse of poets " by anaritaferreira

"Secret-City " by chad_clark

"Last Contact " by ShabdroPhoto

"Colosseum " by Ardijan

"Radioactive " by semy

"poiana secuilor " by AndyMaraloi

"Calm morning " by aliaumechapelle

"Coby - Low-Res " by RobClaysPhotos

"Abandoned " by Boholm

"FAIRY LIGHTS " by tristanduplichain

"By the glow " by kierankerrigan

"Varya " by tomashtmkmasojc

"Strasbourg, France" by hanzunroj

"Coming Round the Mountain" by Lishi

"Lovers Stroll" by mposein

"Celebration of Peace" by travismandenberg

"Electric" by 800ISO

"City Night Rush " by relentless_101

"Crazy Lights" by philipupton

"Ferrybridge_power_station_02 " by gilesrrocholl

"Buddha Tooth Temple " by capturezeworld

"”The Sorceress” " by gracealmera

"Sparked Up " by MatthewKeeley

"PhotoSynthetic- Candle Hand " by Lewis-C-Whittaker

"Inside The Archway " by chrispegman

"Balcony Fisheye " by scottkingman

"M " by maxsolve

"The Arch " by dustpixxByFabioAntenore

"Raluca " by lucafoscili

"Snake bridge (1) " by tinoskiee

"Shine a Light into the Dark " by KColbyPhotography

"Floriano " by klapouch

"Fear-ocity " by EricGomez

"Nanpu Bridge" by smijh

"Stranded" by randybenzie

"Rush Hour" by duartesol

"Golden Tear" by spARTiat_de

"Rainy night" by swqaz

"Some God of Fire" by Eric_Dany