Thank you to all the photographers that participated in the Around The World Photo Contest, sharing their best photos taken traveling around the world. Congratulations to the winners and finalists, and a special round of applause for the Grand Jury Winner who wins a Topaz Photography Collection.

A special thanks to our friend and professional photographer Deborah Sandidge for her collaboration as a guest judge. Deborah Sandidge is a professional photographer specializing in world travel and artistic imagery. Her passion and skill with creative techniques such as long exposure, time-lapse, and blue hour photography has earned the respect and admiration of both corporate clients and peers.

Congratulations Amateur Winner "Mitre Peak, Milford | New Zealand" by BloodSugar

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "Luminance " by scottmccook

"Dramatically composed, with exquisite detail, this beautiful and serene image illustrates outstanding mastery of challenging shooting conditions. The range and depth of the exposure extremes were skillfully handled, allowing for both the pastel sky, and shadowed foreground to be artfully illuminated. This, combined with a strong, balanced composition, perfect color balance, and excellent low light tonality make this a compelling winning image. " - Deborah Sandidge

Congratulations Runner Up "Rainbow over Kirkjufell" by peterh

"A stunning composition, enhanced by the drama of a double rainbow, the grand scale of the magnificent image makes it truly wonderful to behold. The compositional choice of working as wide as possible allows the viewer to take in all the wonderful details technical challenge of the silkiness of the double waterfall, the unique textures and colors throughout the landscape, to the double rainbows in the sky above." - Deborah Sandidge

Congratulations Runner Up "Ice and Rocks" by dustpixxByFabioAntenore

"Layers of ice create a wonderful path leading to the snow capped mountain range. Making this technically challenging image picture perfect is the starry sky brushed with a delicate arch of clouds which embraces the image. This photo gives the viewer much to ponder within this composition, from the the interesting icy foreground elements, to the fascinating background of the night sky." - Deborah Sandidge

Congratulations Runner Up "Inle_Lake_Fishing" by xaviergibert

"A delicate palette of pastel colors punctuated by the solitary fisherman creates an exquisite winning image. Minimalistic in approach, dynamic with the gentle ripples in the water and softness of the color in the sky. Beautiful symmetry is created by the boat, pole and paddle, all coming together to create a phenomenal winning image." - Deborah Sandidge

Congratulations People's Choice "Il volo" by willysanson

"Waterfalls near the mouth of the Homer Tunnel" by travisdaldy

"Mo, Norway" by boberic

"Lake Bled" by Prijaznica

"Riomaggiore italia" by leonardospinelli

"Tranquil Dolomites" by jasonjhatfield

"Beauty of winter" by LOULOUA

"finland2" by EmmaBlencowe

"Manarola by night" by SirDiegoSama

"Berserkseyri" by Sumarlidi

"orange clouds" by CmoonView

"'Road to Nowhere' Capital Reef, UT" by KColbyPhotography

"The Mystic Valley" by mpelli

"The Sydney Opera House" by JoeS

"Horseshoe Bend" by kylekephart

"Paris" by RichardBarnwell

"Mayan Ruins" by JL007Photography

"Huddle" by bshaw

"Colosseum Night 2" by BensViewfinder

"Sunrise in Monument Valley" by gottobeme1234

"Jokulsarlon Sunset" by AMills

"Japan Countryside" by MatthewKou

"Kotor Bay view" by ILIA

"The Great Wall" by JetSetBrunettePhotography

"Hungarian Parliament at Daybreak" by kenderby

"red morning" by geertweggen

"Wrawby Star trail" by martynleaning

"Machu Picchu" by bitterer

"The Intersection" by PhillipMinnis

"Bungalow 7" by bluetorus

"Seljalandsfoss Waterfall" by markalanandre

"Sikka" by Tor-Ivar

"Mauna Kea" by andreaspallanzani

"Untitled" by TomAshmore

"Misty Morning" by DanaCarruthers

"BodieChurchNG" by DuffyDoherty

"The dragon" by Eventyr

"Old Hospital " by Structor

"Peggy'a Cove, Nova Scotia" by SFalagario_photos

"Chicago Bean" by coltonelliott

"Roque Bentayga & Roque Nublo, Gran Canaria" by alastairdixon

"In the fog" by saintek

"Among the Redwoods" by emxsee

"Mount Robson Tent View" by walasavagephoto