Thank you to all the photographers that shared their favorite shots of animals' faces in this photo contest with chances to win a celebrity shoutout and more. Congratulations to the following finalists and stay tuned for the winners' announcement coming soon!

"Chance Encounter " by hiyahercfarm

"little dragon " by petrhingar

"Young American Marten " by Jean-Francois

"into the dark " by MOSTphotography

"Daisy " by EoinDiamond93

"One More Day " by darcysutphin-delia

"The mighty sheep " by maciejplewicki_fotografia

"IMG_20210318_154015_049 " by adediranolutoye

"Leopard in Moremi " by andytaylor756

"snowy272 " by kathycline

"What A Face " by krenny

"Bad hair day? " by galsworth

"Innocence " by NatureLoverJJWal

"~ The Gentleman ~ " by HenrikSpranz

"I'll Get 'Cha! " by terryc

"Looking up the snow " by Amkira

"Colombian spider monkey babies " by johnpreston_5231

"Hai, Mom! " by heidinicole

"Cat on the hunt " by akeemranmal

"So Handsome " by kevinsawyerphotography

"No Papparazzi! " by tynn23

"A Heber Smile " by Manifoldlm

"Samantha " by tomtyson

"Fierce! " by Qiuness

"Portrait of a giraffe " by Grunianer

"My kitty called lav " by Ramax_Photo

"Fear of the dark " by Vadim_Boytsov

"Cozy as a Bear " by sdondero

"The Dark Side of Animals - Rhino " by dezkarpatiphotography

"Puppy Love 2 " by tinakraftsphotography

"Kicia " by kasiadoroszkiewicz

" " by sarahking

"15531455574_3671d86d4f_o " by Travelgypsea

"Close " by vladcech

"Female Crowned Lemur (Zoo Portrait) " by MythicHippo

"Whitetail Deer. " by ArthurGCowan

"Curious " by GettelPhoto

"I see you " by lpp526

"look at me " by karelhavermans

"Great Hair Day " by chriswhittier

"IMG_5034_InPixio " by Agora1er

"Changeable hawk-eagle " by gabyrusu

"Lusitano horse " by MarketaNovak

"Brotherly Love " by vandanabajikar

"The Cougar " by Lorenzo

"crocodile " by Eugeny

" " by dellaina

"Pretty Boy " by Thymely

"Mandarin fish " by MattMcGee

"Joy " by EpicByErika

" by Diepegi

"Big Shot " by Marcin_Rutkowski

"Serval " by Renzor

"Majestic " by Robert84ak

"Wolf " by davidemarzotto

"Kitten 3 " by ERoche

"Staring " by StuartMcMillan

"Winters Embrace " by traceydobbs

"Tree Guardians " by johntrent

" " by karvalmih

"Cat " by kerber

"owl portrait4 (1 of 1) " by Tommyshot

""YODA" " by AgnieszkaD

"Baby Sumatran Tiger " by RMBphoto

"what's up doc " by depechmaniac

"151226-NIKON D700-_DSC4787_DxO copy v2 " by Joseph-Balson

"weathered look " by Esalon

"What should I do? " by DMartinezPhoto

"Who? " by tpruessner

"Koala Portrait " by greghillman

"Black Bear Close Up " by tracymunson

" " by Partialpixel_Photography

"Dagger Boy " by Darrenp

"Sasha " by jenniferwilhite_photog

"siberian amur tiger " by JBramerPhotography

"AFRICA 2014 1824 " by sophiemorrissey_1331

"Half bengal cat " by nicolasbernaln

"Ollie " by jolantamacionczyk

"King of Botswana II " by JoeS

"Crazy cute Isabeau " by Ashley_Missen

"A Playful Smile " by pedrorangel

"Mr.P " by Andreas_Voigt

"Stare down " by DJMayImages

"Gus my sweet boy " by lynefournier

"Hupi in the jungle " by IDAphotos

"a15 " by Andreamartinphoto

"OMG! Just gimmeee! " by mattnoir

"673 " by johnhoward

"You talking to me... " by (A)BrunoHeeb

"How you doin’? " by (A)ChristieG

"On the prowl on a tree " by (A)ChrisIS

"Look up " by (A)kenproshot

"Ana " by (A)Babakroshan

"Jack Russell " by (A)mrmacca