Thank you to all the photographers that shared their photos of bears in the All About Bears Photo Contest with chances to win a Nikon D5300 and more!

A special thanks to our friend and professional photographer Daisy Gilardini for her collaboration as a guest judge in this photo contest. Daisy Gilardini is a Nikon Ambassador wildlife photographer specialized in Polar Regions and Bears. She is originally from Switzerland but now lives in British Columbia – Canada. Since 1989 she has visited more than 70 countries and joined over fitly expeditions to Antarctica and the Arctic always with camera in hand.

"View from Above" by Franh

"Female bear fishing in Alaska " by jomcintyre

"Bear family at Brooks River Falls (1 of 1)" by jackwills

"Griz" by NorthernLightsDesign

"Bearback" by kathyvid

"Breakfast on the Beach" by Memoriee

"Making a splash!" by chrisholcroft

""A Nice Afternoon for a Stroll"" by Rbrown10

"Bear Family" by elangwidodo

"Grizzly" by djensen

"Play fight " by JennyLoren

"Hurry Hurry" by markotakala

"Baby Grizz on the Hurley" by (A)carrielester_5575

"Wet Cub" by KelleyMelton

"Black Bear Cubs in the Smokies" by (A)KellieSharpe

"Old Friend" by phyllisburchett

"Alasken Griz" by (A)patbrandon

"Splash " by (A)BrieL

"Clamming with Mama Bear" by Rainer

"Peek a Boo" by photowrangler

"Traveling with Mom" by terryc

"Going Surfin" by jozi1

"Thoughtful" by sandyseyecatcher

"First catch" by antonagarkov

"Contemplation DWO_0355" by donosborne

"Focused" by jimsteeves

"A young polar bear cub resting with it's mother." by frankiej7

"untitled" by peterallinson

"DSC_0606-Edit" by njarehart

"Vortical Bath" by (A)peterkitanov

"Brown Bears - Finland" by KellieNetherwood

"Peek-A-Boo" by wazza

"Grizzly Bear" by lordalpha69

"Cozy as a Bear" by sdondero

"The future starts today" by paaluglefisklund

"The Freedom Roll" by (A)KimPetersenPhotography

"Way Too Close" by Phototex

"Mummy Where Are You?" by jensayre

"bear-5" by Edinseye

"Chillin'" by Pgtravers

"Polar investigating the photographer" by KarinVanCouwenberg

"Tuckered" by carolmaurerlyon

"Don't Make Me Call My Momma!" by stuartclark

"Black Bear" by Erik_Pedersen

"Watching" by Beyerphoto

"Ursa Emerges" by (A)Athena_B

"Help me!" by agefoto

"Momma G" by (A)BtBates

"Grizzly 148" by RJHPhoto

"Grizzly Bear close encounter, Katmai Park Alaska" by BobKendrick

"Cubs playing" by ChrisG

"Wild brown bear" by tuomasjuntunen

"Tired Momma" by meganlorenz

"Attitude" by bradcheek

"Curious Cubs " by BeckyRossMcRae

"Put down the Camera!" by zquentin

"In search of dentist and tic tac" by katemontague

"Problem?" by NumaSitala

"Mr Majestic" by kdooley

"Easy catch" by ShikiPhotography

"Mother With Boby" by JingruLuo

"Out for a stroll in the woods " by circlepranch

"Female Grizzly Bear posing or is she Hungry?" by TrekLightly

"Alaskan Brown Bear" by (A)Sberryhill

"Dinner Time" by Caomix

"Mother Love" by scottdere

"The Bear Refection" by paulwild

"Smiling Bear" by dzpphoto

"Bubbling Bear " by (A)SvetlanaYanina

"QU8A9345 " by ericcriswell

"Brown bear " by Angelwheller

"20160604_184700 " by (A)stevefrench

"Roaring bear " by javierubero

"1U2A3899-2 copy " by suedoughertyoffleash

"yellowstone-6 " by nicholastilley

"Go back " by Matador

"Montana " by ggoveia

"I'm innocent " by katesherry

"Himalayan bear " by vladimirchuyko

"Wildlife, Black Bear Cub in Tree, Hwy 93-2, IMG_0942 " by (A)brendamasurhansen

"Grizzly " by donanzinger

"Family Portrait " by corradomariani

"20150830-Finland 02-2694 " by milert

"Grizzly Bear Cub " by sblair

"Blondie " by davidyack

"thoughful " by CreativeArtView

"Guess who won this stare down? " by liammcdonald

"Grizzly Staredown " by brandonbroderick

""Just throw food into the Mouth, please" " by Celtic

"Black bear mom and cub " by ChelseaLaneCreations

"Lazy Day " by bmackenziephotography

"brown bear " by elmerjensen