Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best photos shot above the shoulders or below the knees in the Above or Below Photo Contest with chances to win a Paid Photo Adventure and more!

A special thanks to our friend and professional photographer Luke Tscharke for his collaboration as a guest judge in this photo contest. Luke Tscharke is a passionate landscape and nature photographer based on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia. His work has been recognized in many photography competitions, where he has recently won 2015 Monochrome Photographer of the Year, 2015 International Landscape Photograph of the Year. He is also a regular contributor to Australian Geographic Magazine, where two of his images have been used for magazine covers.

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "Lady in White" by jasonjhatfield

"I was drawn to this image because of the stunning central composition of the moon and the chunk of ice. The aurora sweeps in beautifully from the top left drawing the eye into the centre of the frame and ultimately to the subject of the image being the ice. At the same time the ice is pointing upwards toward the moon, creating a wonderful relationship between the elements in the image. I felt this image matched the brief of the competition very well." - Luke Tscharke

Congratulations Runner Up "Transporter" by zayyarlynn

"I loved the perspective of this image a lot and I felt it matched the competition brief very well, showing a workman above the blue waters below. The red/cyan-blue colour combination is visually stunning, and the long shadow of the subject really draws you into the image. The detail of the workman painting the railing is a fantastic touch, a well crafted image." - Luke Tscharke

Congratulations Runner Up "Cenote slacklining" by anhede

"This image matched the brief of the competition very well, showing two very different worlds above and below the surface of the water. It shows great timing to get the slack liner and the diver in the shot at the same time, and these elements are balanced well in the scene. There is a great amount of detail that you can explore once you move on from the main subjects." - Luke Tscharke

Congratulations Amateur Winner "The lone protector" by robwillis

Congratulations People's Choice "Eiffel Tower - fishy " by JohnHoke

"Fantastical Lofoten" by jamesaustrums

"The Great Sequioas" by christopherpayne

"Under the boat" by carlosgrillo

"SLeonardi SplitWorld" by stephenleonardi

"Bridge to Marina Bay Sands, Singapore" by SteveFreeman

"Wings" by kathijensen

"Biplane" by Jodi79

"Broken wings" by semy

"ice queen" by ryancrane

"flipping in" by jump1rope

"Autumn" by Lina1

"Okawango Delta" by valerioleone

"The Wait" by danielemele


"Colloseum Puddlegram" by bengreenphotography

"Ylläs Scenic Road" by timoksanen

"Glymur waterfall" by madspeteriversen

"Beneath the canopy" by dKi_Photography

"Wheat Stubble " by CreationStudios

"Fish Eye Without Fish Eye - B&W version" by OffTheBeatenPaths

"Raking the leaves" by GentleSoul444

"Gilsfjörður" by madspeteriversen

"View From the Cave" by larrymarshall

"Waterfall World" by billpeppas

""The traveler"" by marcogabbuggiani

"Through the Eye" by kathykuhn100

"Bridge to Neverland" by DoraArt


"Starry Ocean Pool" by larrybeard

"Oops..." by lessysebastian

"Life on the Edge" by carolcardillo

"Hong Kong " by SarahCaldwell

"Alexandra Bridge" by windycorduroy

"roots to branches" by pixelmac

"swirl" by rafsalsa

"Golden Roof" by KColbyPhotography


"Washing" by dompinson

"Mushroom" by MiguelMartins

"The Aspen Line" by emxsee

"Arraba-italy" by ernikon

"Marine" by PierreTurtaut

"Sun’s Up, Nets Out" by zayyarlynn

"Blue BEN" by joshuaperrett

"I love my ladder" by darcysutphin-delia

"Curious Kittens" by lmr337

"The Overunder" by LorenzoMittiga

"Sea Eagle " by wimdebaets

"close encounters of the Singapore kind" by frank-photography

"Dolmen" by Ragdollcat

"Hiking" by Jan_Zajc

"Endless" by whaevamakesuhappy

"Family Dog" by elenagonzalez_6866

"Eye to eye" by mortenross

"Just hanging around..." by bandswright

"Zombie ladybird." by davidscottrobson

"wave away" by pansybrandtwinters

"Balloons in the Mist" by FledgelingImages

"_DSC5145" by Coraylaphoenix

"Golden Gate Bridge 10.26.16 (257)-2 13x19.5 n" by samfashionphoto

"Into the Light" by JulianGwilson

"Quiet Miners Night" by BGillis

"Yearning to be Tall" by FalconEyesPhotography


"Fungi" by SylwiaUrbaniak

"Everything Zen" by jasongerard

"From above" by JADUPONT

"Lo scrittore" by SirDiegoSama

"Two Lane Blacktop" by paulmullin

"Wide View of KLCC" by rachdian

"Oh look a peanut" by paulkendall

"The White Walkers" by sebastiao_chaves

"DSCF1762a" by nikosladic

"Looking Up Treetops" by blairwacha

"untitled" by PHOTOHAPPY

""Dream On, Dreamer"" by ericbennett

"Perfection" by edvinnyitrai

"Cross Fox Kit" by bkcrossman

"Meet Cooper" by tanmorris

"image" by piotrparzybok

"Into The Apple's Core " by KJEarl

"room with light" by micfos

"Male penguin carrying rocks to build the nest Antartika03936 " by Brenda13

"top of the church" by amazed

"Bri Brinkley" by steveyancey

"~ Young and Curious ~" by Henrik_Spranz

"white tree frog 3" by Okdc

"Grand Ballerina" by Timcphoto

"Autumn and Heath" by tobiasglawe

"Last light.." by elenapardini

"White-throated Sparrow" by deannefortnam

"Finn" by tracymunson

"labs apple fight" by thatblacklabby

"Buildings" by iordandanielteodorescu

"Free Falling" by DrewHopper

"Always A Happy Dog!" by DobermanDuo

"Ant-mimick" by nkanakis

"point of view" by joecas

"Giraffing around" by Drewfurlan

"Backlit Perfection" by NSSP

"Winter Droplet" by kylere

"Portuguese man of war" by LauraMedina

"Foamtastic (2)" by Athena_B

"Sea Turtle in Hawaii" by cnsmerz

"Home sweet home" by Prijaznica

"Butterfly" by Cbries

"Theodor-Heuss-Brücke" by olesteffensen

"Summer Tanager Male" by TexasPixels

"Highland cow-1" by sildsa

"Not all stars belong to the sky" by wildorchidphotography

"I feel it" by werol

"Fairy Garden" by nig2000

"Vacant" by traceydobbs