Thank you to all the photographers that shared their favorite shots of abandoned places or things in this photo contest with chances to win a MACRO 48 LED Ring Light Ultra High Power, a Large Deluxe Pro Photo Backpack and more!

A special thanks to friend and professional photographer Joxe Inazio Kuesta for his collaboration as a guest judge in this photo contest. "During my first travels I used a compact camera and was not pleased with the results, which did not look as what I recalled from those places. This is one of the reasons I attended a photography course in 2007, organized by the “Sociedad Fotográfica de Gipuzkoa”. The rest is history: self-taught photographer who learn from books, specially from Magnum authors and magazines such as the no longer editing Eyemazing and also from watching a lot of pictures."

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "through 3 floors" by traviskeyes

Congratulations Runner Up "Davenportals 19" by kenfong_7038

Congratulations Runner Up "Cabin (bw) " by Structor

Congratulations Amateur Winner "Abandon car in the forest " by Andyfreeadventures

Congratulations People's Choice "Shipwreck" by MickaelAuffret

"Mediterranean Sky shipwreck" by panospapa

"Lost under stars" by wildlifemoments

"on the surface" by zvonimirperic

"Mediterranean Sky" by williamdarks

"Abandoned on Loch Linnhe 2018" by RonTear

"Television Rules the Nation" by juandiegojr

"Journey's End" by paulmp

"House of the rising Sun" by aaronjgroen

"Hotel Staircase" by lynnbuckley

"Bando Beauty" by Laurelle_June

"_DSC0105 copy" by victorradulescu

"Broken" by Zwischensequenz

"GSM_5325" by photoABSTRACTION

"untitled" by Sniper

"Left-overs" by dianadowhower

"The Sound of Silence #2" by daniel_anhut

"Mebourne Tram" by Jay1982

"Time Flies, Yet Memories Remains" by chokysinam

"The Piano" by guenther710

"Fixer Upper" by stevealbano

"Mull boats" by strOOp

"Silos" by reesevans5

"Window lit Table" by GreenCopperz

"Faith" by Jellyfire

"Venture " by mariannebesselsen

"ogdensburg NY 2013" by Europephotos

"dark memories" by Jbbevel

"Winter Massey" by Laurenbrown1989

"The Forlorn Farmhouse" by jfischerphotography

"the boat at sunset" by danieledessi

"Moody river" by Jbowersphotography

"Piano keys upclose " by talyaculbertson

"Mr. Bud" by terriegray

"Time" by mrkirby

"Old Chevy" by saboytjie

"Anclote Island Shipwreck " by Ricky303

"A shipwreck at sunrise on the beach." by leonhugo

"Truck-Duece" by GiovanniG

"untitled" by DarMarWorld

"Abandoned" by andrew37ot

"abandoned" by zenit

"Distressed, Dismasted and Derelict." by photonblender

"S.E.M.I.R.A.M.I.S." by ohuizinga

"Target Practice" by Amanda_Wakefield

"Crystal Mill in Colorado" by dearabbybird

"untitled" by DraganR

"Abandoned" by CathyWithers-Clarke

"DSC_3180_FF" by mariodragoi

"Abandoned" by Mclaude

"The old boat" by Paulacook144

"Abandoned Nude" by Nyktos_Ph

"Aurora2-130" by iancartwright

"2018-03-04_13-34-47" by michaelunderwoodphoto

"untitled" by andreafraccaroli

"Apocalyptic" by teobot

"Vik, Iceland Plane Wreck" by NotBeforeNoon

"When the time has come" by dikkysoesin

""Once upon a time" " by MiguelMartins

"Rocky Vally Lutheran Church" by montanahighlander

"Abandoned dome homes" by daniellelewis_6935

"Demetrios shipwreck, Githio Greece" by silviosinbad

"Misfit " by Tpm067