Not always we get the results we envision when taking (what we think is) a great shot. Here are 4 easy tips that will guide you on how to get closer to the result you are looking for:

Light, light and ... light

Light is what allows you to take a photo. Make sure lighting is how you need it to be, avoid under/over exposure by using a light meter, light meters will instantly improve contrast and other elements of your shot.

There is a huge range of light meters and some are very affordable. Once you start using one you will not want to leave home without it!

Don't overreach!

To complete the job you need the right tools. Don't attempt to take a long distance shot with out having the minimum required zoom available. Cropping and zooming in post-edit will usually result in images that lack sharpness and appear "dusty." It will be easy to tell the action was too far away. Do not try to take macro shots without the right lens, you can miss out on taking a winning shot.

DIZZY by lessysebastian

Use technology to your advantage!

There are all sorts of photography trends, from the darkroom to dynamic digital photos. Some follow the do not edit rule and some only share post-processed shots. You can use applications like Photoshop by Adobe or Aviary to assist you to improve a capture, adjust lighting, remove imperfections and even add your unique magical touch!

Noir by AnhTuNguyen

Setting up an awesome frame

Composition, rule of thirds, the background and other basic photography essentials are a must for anyone interested in improving their skills. ViewBug and many of our partners provide awesome resources to learn photography basics, be sure to read our tips and tutorials often. We highly recommend you understand your camera settings and get the most out of it. Apply yourself and you will notice the difference right away.

Vintage Baby Boy by amandamariemorse