With the holiday season just around the corner, we wanted to share our gratefulness for all the things that made 2017 such an exciting and creative year. To start the holiday season we want to share this Monumental Cyber Monday Deal. Get a year of ViewBug PRO, Macphun Tonality, ViewBug Vol1 Lightroom 7 pack preset,  Nations Photo Lab 16x20" Photo Print,  Kelby One Crush The Composition 90 Minute Tutorial, Trey Ratcliff eBook and your own website. Total Value: $332 for only $79, Get It Now!

1. You. Thank you for being with us during this incredible year; for your support and participation in the ViewBug community! Thank you for sharing your artistic view of the world through photography – thank you for inspiring us, teaching us and showing us the beauty around us.

2. Good Friends. It's about the quality not the quantity.

3. Parents. Even if we don't always understand them, they gave us life.

4.  Having a Home. Wether you live in a tent or mansion, having a place you call home is a blessing.

5. Campfires. Where great memories are made.

6. Health. It's all we need to continue having a great life.

7. Rainbows. Their beauty is unique and unmatched.

8. Colors. They make life brighter.

9. Classical Architecture. Classical buildings and monuments make cities more romantic.

10. Baristas. Who make your hot drinks to perfection.

11. Kids. Their imagination is inspiring.

12. Sunrises. Foggy sunrises are even more spectacular.

13. Studio Lighting. Studio setups that make perfect portraits.

14. The Mountains. They provide us with constant and ever-changing beauty.

15. Chocolate. There's nothing like the smell of freshly baked cookies.

16. Pets. For their unconditional love and friendship.

17. The Four Seasons. Warm or cold, each season has its unique beauty.

18. Action Sports. The speed and adrenaline keep us young.

19. Music. It brings out new emotions.

20. Hiking Trails. They give us a chance to get closer to mother nature.

21. Vibrant Cities. Their skylines are jaw-dropping and an inspiration to build a better future.

22. Fashion. For designers pushing the aesthetic limits.

23. Long Exposure. For letting us be creative with light and exposure.