Meet and follow albertoghizzipanizza, ViewBug member and creative photographer. Alberto began to take a keen interest in photography in 1997 during a visit to the ruins of ancient Egypt. He has grown fond of technology, computers and he is a forerunner of digital photography. Since he firmly believed in the huge potential of this technology, he started using it constantly in 1998 with a 0.06MP camera. What seemed to be a simple hobby grew steadily in the following years and now has become a focal point for his life. Alberto has carried out many different jobs in this field: personal services, weddings, advertisements, photographic pictures. He constantly stages exhibitions of his works and has been holding workshops and meetings on his photographic journeys in many Italian cities for some years. He is deeply fond of nature and animals in their several, different forms. He specializes in naturalistic and landscape photography, always looking for the beauty of the world around us and finding his main source of inspiration in it.

1. Tell us a bit about yourself, how do you describe your photography style?

I'm a professional photographer but photography is for me a big love and passion. I'm always looking for beauty around us and also in the smallest things.

2. In one sentence what has photography done for you in your life?

Photography changed my way to look at the world.

3. When did you start taking photos and what inspired you to get started?

I'm taking pictures for 18 years and I started with one of the first digital cameras on commerce.

4. Do you have any influencers?

No I don't. I've always tried to have my own style. But of course I like watching the pictures of the others photographers.

5. What has been your favorite shoot and why?

My favorite is the refractions of the dew, the one with a daisy in the background. I perfectly remember the moment I took that image. I was surprised to see how a drop can reflect the world behind. For years people tought that these kind of pictures were photoshopped.

6. Do you remember a difficult photo shoot session? What happened?

Yes I think one of my most diffult images to realize are the "burning drops". I destroied some of my equipment to take these images. It's really dangerous to manage water and fire togheter.

7. what do you carry in your camera bag?

This is one of my problems, I always bring a lot of cameras and lenses in my backpack. Everytime I go somewhere I tell myself to take less weight on my back but everytime also say:" why did I not take that lens with me?"

8. Do you have a favorite subject to shoot?

Yes, the damselflies. I cannot resist taking pictures of these little funny insects. Everytime I see thier big eyes I must watch them through my macro lens.

9. Do you have a favorite location and time of the day to shoot?

I often go out taking pictures on the riverbanks near my city at the first lights of the day. A walk in these natural areas makes me feel good for The rest of the day.

10. What are you currently working on?

I'm planning my next travel to Paranal, Chile. One of the most important astronomical observatory of the world.

11. Can you share a couple of tips with your fellow photographers?

I think patience and perseverance are two very important things for a good photographer. Don't stop at the first good picture you have taken but keep on shooting and try different points of view and look at how the light changes and may influence your images.

Please share some thoughts on your ViewBug experience as a photographer!

I think Viewbug is one of the best sharing platform on the web. It's very well structured and easy to use and first of all full of really good contests.