White Pelican Takeoff by DeadEye
Pelecanus Erythrorhynchos by mcampi
The Perfect Landing by nina050
White-Pelican by tazdevilgreg
American White Pelicans by ahuffaker
Return to the Wetlands by nina050
The Thief by mcampi
Stretch those Pelican Wings by ruthjolly
Ebony and Ivory by mcampi
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Great White Pelican by lszlpotozky
Old and Fat by PhilMcCabe
American White Pelican by HigginsR
The Look I Get by PeriHoke_slrchick
Early Morning Swim at the Dam by Maria_Lynn08
American White Pelican (Pelecanus erythrorhynchos) at Sunrise by tonybruguiere
Pelican by ericakinsella
Posing by Lorenzo
Jumping Pelican by ruthjolly
P7030219 by Alwolfe
Weathered by PhilMcCabe
Call of the heart by Nataliorion
Pelican by ericakinsella
P1110052-white pelican by vb2017
White Pelican by PhilMcCabe
Pelican Sitting in the Sun by the Pond-250 by laurenkaymyers
White Pelican by CWphotos5
Spot-on by tazdevilgreg
Juggling Act by alanpeterson
White Pelican Wings Open by Effess
Pelican on golden lake by ruthjolly
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