Crossing by patrickbaum
Boat on Lac de Tengrela by David_R_Anderson
Unknown Flower, 2014 by David_R_Anderson
Young African Girl 2 by David_R_Anderson
Young African girl 1 by David_R_Anderson
Young African Girl 4 by David_R_Anderson
Djula Girl by David_R_Anderson
Yellow-crowned Bishop  by maryrose25
The Peaks by David_R_Anderson
Mona monkey being fed, Tafi Atome by andrevondeling
Young African Girl 3 by David_R_Anderson
African Rainbow Land Crab  (male) emerging from it's burrow, Keta Lagoon by andrevondeling
Grande Mosque, Bobo-Dioulasso by David_R_Anderson
On Her Way Home by David_R_Anderson
Violaceous Turaco by khalli
Big Eyes by patrickbaum
A rig by gordonbrown
African Forrest Buffalo herd bull & cow difference, Mole Ghana by andrevondeling
Senegal. Dakar. Madeleine Islands. 2014 by DiattaLL
Big Time Attitude by BrianBasson
Mountain Forrest stream, Wli Ghana by andrevondeling
Preparing for the Tabaski Festival, Senegal by GeraintRowlandPhotography
The human inheritance: rubbish on the beach, Axim by andrevondeling
Crab in the surf, Axim by andrevondeling
Beautiful Boy by bekahalviani
Candles in the wind by Sajith_Padman
a flying kingfisher by barbarico
Photographer, Jason Florio, at work - River Gambia, Kuntaur by Helenjonesflorio
Waiting in Ambush by bpwhite
Poseidon's Bane by Beau
Djifer Fishing Village, Senegal  by adriennexplores
Gabonese girl by marekstrzelczyk
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