Biertan village, Transylvania, Romania by ovi_craciun
Transylvania evening fog comes over the river by ferencboloni
View of Bran Castle on a cold October day.  by marlakeown
Two Seasons, two hounds by szabiigncz
Sunset over Transylvania by Dragos_Pop
Path to the unknown by arthurkornovics
Balea Glacier Lake by Roberto_Sorin
Love by martap
Torreadora by SzilagyiPP
wooden stair 04 by gallmese
wooden stair 02 by gallmese
where is autumn?  by gallmese
1914 - 1918  by gallmese
wooden stair 01 by gallmese
The Window by paulcristian
medieval detail by gallmese
the clock tower by gallmese
Bear Family Portrait by Ervin-Edward
catholic church interior by gallmese
wooden stair 03 by gallmese
Frozen Night by Ervin-Edward
Old woman by ioantodor
catholic church exterior by gallmese
Transylvanian Fall by Dragos_Pop
in or out? by gallmese
clock tower view by gallmese
Iron bridge by Sorin_Opreanu
Sunset by ioantodor
waiting for autumn by gallmese
Corvin Castle, also known as Hunyadi Castle, Medieval Castle in Transylvania by gabrieltanase_3925
Sunrise over Transylvania by Dragos_Pop
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