Milky Way over Bristlecone by mikewetzel
Toadstools by mikewetzel
Milky Way over Turret Arch by mikewetzel
Halo by mikewetzel
Milky Way Over Toadstool by mikewetzel
Faces by mikewetzel
Exploring by mikewetzel
starrysky by nvstudios
Among The Stars by francescadani
Full Moon at Shiprock by mikewetzel
21ECA81E-856F-4136-A3CD-6BE079A7DCA7 by ashleighrobertson
Moulton Barn by mikewetzel
Provence under the starry sky by elenapaxaluk
Red Rock by mikewetzel
Photo  by madsurfer88
Ghost Cabin by mikewetzel
Joshua under starlight by mikewetzel
Wenn sich die Milchstrasse hinter den Wolken versteckt...... by Elke666
the last trails! by samratroy
Ghost Mine by mikewetzel
Bruce Bay, West Coast by SarahCaldwell
Partly Cloudy Summer Sky by jpdeveau46
Ghost Rider by mikewetzel
Fire Hydrant at night by toddhuntley
Photo  by madsurfer88
Smoke on the Water by mikewetzel
Blinking night! by samratroy
Full moon over the Grand Tetons. by mikewetzel
Tree that stamds alone next to Tibby Pagan memorial, Muirkirk, Ayrshire, Scotland.  by madsurfer88
Lone tree & monument, Muirkirk, Ayrshire,  by madsurfer88
Night on the Farm by nvstudios
Starry sky  by zhaninalazarova
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