Leaping Spinone by ncpcov
Pure White Barley by ncpcov
Barley by ncpcov
In the dog house! by Mandrake
Louie the Spinone Pup-1 by jwest
The old guy the old way.... by Gilbert
Leaping through the fields by ncpcov
Charging by ncpcov
In the corn by ncpcov
Oscar 8-7-15 by jwest
Camkota Spinone Pup - Gaudio by jwest
In the pool by ncpcov
Spinone_Woody  by ncpcov
Barley in a Wheat field by ncpcov
Pointer  by ncpcov
Patience by ncpcov
Charlie & His Little Boy by jwest
2017 Sydney Dusk Profile-1 by jwest
Playtime by ncpcov
Dogs on the Dock by martinmale
Veteran Spinone Male-1 by jwest
Rigby Waiting by jwest
Harry the Italian Spinone  by Sumo
Sydney Retrieving by jwest
Sydney Spa Day B&W by jwest
Carlos & Mateo-1 by jwest
Forest Spinone  by ncpcov
Barley Monochrome by ncpcov
In the woods by ncpcov
Briley Drooling by jwest
Water Spinone by ncpcov
Kirby  by davidgambach
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