"There's Always THAT one!" by mariaserrano
Tree at Salton Sea by craigcolvin
Wind & Sea by gbrunken
Juniper Tree by s_cavazos
Alone by EduardMoldoveanu
The General (Vito) by michaelkeel
Saturday night at the Salton Sea. by kevinkey_4266
Sunset on the Salton Sea by rushewallace
Grain by michaelkeel
Streaks of Salvation by ewill
Salton Sea at Sunset by rushewallace
North Shore by tassanee
The Boat by rushewallace
As the Salton Sea Shrinks by rushewallace
THE SALTON SEA by rushewallace
The Heat of the NIght by lauriesearch
The Shipwreck in the desert. by MJMPhotographyOC
Salton Sea by corwinprescott
The Great Eye by michaelkeel
Reflection by JoeColo
Salton Sea by wlayten
Colossal by michaelkeel
I don't always smoke, but when I do, I prefer a feather by mariaserrano
Spine by michaelkeel
Greater Than by craigcolvin
The General (Vito) by michaelkeel
Snake Charmer by tassanee
 Three Cormorants  by Ralphs_Fineart_Images
Morgane at the Salton Sea, California  by dpken
Dried Sea by mojito
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