Super Happy Rucker by Matt__Connors
Rucker running to Dad! by Matt__Connors
Rucker waiting for Treat by Matt__Connors
Rucker Leaping over Fence by Matt__Connors
Birthday Cake by Matt__Connors
my city at dawn by shotzbyaaron
Rucker Snow flying by Matt__Connors
Rucker waiting for present! by Matt__Connors
Squirrel - 1 Rucker - 0 by Matt__Connors
Rucker better half by Matt__Connors
Rucker in Snow by Matt__Connors
lighthouse_after by OurPerspective18
Relaxing in the park by Matt__Connors
River dam by shotzbyaaron
light house by OurPerspective18
Florals of Point Judith, Part II by stephenippolito
Blood moon coming up over the ocean and by a light house by sar09006
after sundown  by shotzbyaaron
Beautiful sunset on the coast by sar09006
Lighthouse_before by OurPerspective18
Sometimes sunsets make amazing sky rainbows by sar09006
Rucker leaping over fence by Matt__Connors
Moon is a beautiful red as it comes up over the ocean by sar09006
deer_RI by OurPerspective18
Best looking dog ever by Matt__Connors
These is just something magical, unsettling and beautiful about a blood red sky by KatiMaiSeiffer
The commute  by shotzbyaaron
Photo  by Island.Beauttyy
Rhode Island Capitol Dome by JulianneBradford
The Southeast Lighthouse by MariaVictoria
Moon coming up on the water by sar09006
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