Blue Crystals by thurstonphoto
Flower Droplet by SharonThomasPhotography
Explorer by matthew.eden
Be My Valentine by EmmaMBateman
Tiny Pastel World by EmmaMBateman
Cold Love by EmmaMBateman
Single Refraction 2 by SeowSweeMeng
Pink Gerbera 'Water droplets' by ksean
'Sun Dog' strange light anomaly. by SteveMcMillan
US Flag via Water Drops by quincyfloyd
Everlasting Daisy 'water droplet' by ksean
Water drops refraction by ksean
VEENA of NATURE by avinashlittle
Refraction In Hand  by antonybarbour
Waterfall by LookSee
ladybirds by scruffyherbert
Goblets by Firtreemanor
Refraction by timmc
of all sizes  by dKi_Photography
Window To Sea II. by LookSee
Rays201 (1 of 1) by LCdutch
Morning Dew by annielemay
Water Drop on flower petal.  Refraction by 5212bawden
Red Tulip refraction with sun flare looking through our lounge window by 5212bawden
Light refraction by andrewsmith_9406
CONNECT by PRL_NaturesMystique
Fishermen at dusk by Sky_crawler
Colours by refraction by olivierlw
Waterdrops by beautifulpixels1
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