Mover and Shaker by btruono
Balancing act by lindathomasBAhons
Due South by DavidMBuckwalter
Mountain Escape by btruono
Long Shot by btruono
Cottonball Basin Reflection Sunrise-0450 by GMyer
Determination by btruono
The Final Stretch by Mark-Cannady
Polygon Boxes by DamisBran
Trailblazer by btruono
Team Great Britain vs Team France by Mark-Cannady
Displaced polygon-based symmetry by headturn
Under the Polygonal shaped fruit  by NuWaver374
Wayward Sail by Mark-Cannady
Polygons by lemute
Beautiful Geometry by andresherrera
Waterfront by Mark-Cannady
Sandstone polygons by irisheyes
Stacked by Paul_Papa
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