Rose Ringed Parakeet by RobbieRoss
Rose Ringed Parakeet by KevinGPhotography
Rose Ringed Parakeet by RobbieRoss
Rose Ringed Parakeet by RobbieRoss
Photo  by madalinaionelaantica
Plum Headed Parakeet by quincyfloyd
Orange-fronted parakeet - Costa Rica by VLJ_PHOTOGRAPHY
Guess why his name is yellow by julienprevost
 Monk Parakeet. by Alfredo_Jose
BLUE- INDIAN -RINGNECK -PARAKEET  by drharshavardhanreddy
Ringed necked Parakeet by Keefyboy
The budgerigar also known as the shell parakeet by Merlot
Can you see me? by Keefyboy
Parakeets in the UK . by Keefyboy
Australian Budgerigar Couple by Judy_zehentner
Ring-necked Parakeet by Keefyboy
Lunch time- blue indian ringneck parakeet  by drharshavardhanreddy
Birds by ibdtsdeep
Photo  by Aunto
Afro-Asian parakeet in light blue singing in the palm tree. by leonhugo
Red Rumped Parrot. by biglenswildlife
Ring-necked Parakeet. by Keefyboy
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Hole Lotta Love by SimonArron
"The Eagle has landed" by acglock
Little Blue by csiszercristina
Monk Parakeet. by Alfredo_Jose
Do you think they will buy any more suet sticks? I love those things! by LifeForcePhotography
No Post Today by Keefyboy
Turquoise Parrot. by biglenswildlife
Rainbow Parakeet by johngregory
Bird by ibdtsdeep
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