Windy winter day by Jane_Bjerkli
New York New York by deborahv
The watcher by tanjajensen
Norwegian Forest Cat by LetsSeeThePhoto
oh dear I hate this by elisaputti
Looking Pretty by deborahv
Among the plants by deborahv
Autumn cat by elisaputti
Princess Baby Doll - Ready for a night on the town by deborahv
I see you by deborahv
Baby Doll by deborahv
Who's coming?? by elisaputti
Norwegian Forest Cat by Designcat
Staring at you by elisaputti
I adore you by deborahv
Pink nose by deborahv
Snowflake by elisaputti
Little Ms. Frizzle by Ajohn603
Just being lazy by deborahv
Baby Doll by deborahv
March by rebecagreenphotography
Norwegian forest cat on a log by elisaputti
In the evening by elisaputti
Spring is in the air by elisaputti
Attention by elisaputti
Cool cat by elisaputti
It's my birthday! I'm ready to party hearty! by deborahv
Witchie eyes by deborahv
Dinnertime by elisaputti
My fluffy boy by SnappySaz07
Baby Doll by deborahv
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