Have you done your homework? by traceytaylor
Alicia Davis by ryan-bater
Librarian by Basciano_Photography
Leilani 20150328 007-2 by dontetidwell
I <3 Nerdy Girls by thephotofiend
finding light. by adammgalloway
The Good Student by OfBrian
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Always. by annasnabl
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Dog Nerd 5379 by Bozzzzz
Even nerds can be sexy by Fidster_Arfon
The Scarecrow by spectaclephoto
Blue's Winter Plumage by lmcurry13
At the edge of the world's end. by Aixela
Call of Duty by EmoryRandolph
Geek Out to Lunch by rturnbow
Batchick crazy by JenLioness
Nerd by andrewhershfeld
Little Nerd by celticcharm
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