Grooming time... by Merlot
Sun in a purple shell.... by Merlot
Textures created by natures light.. by Merlot
High noon.... by Merlot
Little and fluffy... by Merlot
Triplets... by Merlot
Follow me.... by Merlot
On the lookout for the next morsel... by Merlot
My Creative Cone Flower... by sweetpea72
Thank you :) by Aarti_Sachin_Soman
The Thinker... by sweetpea72
IMG_3403 by marcodiclemente
13 May 2017-Squirrel by Robin52665
IMG_3428 by marcodiclemente
IMG_3422 by marcodiclemente
Snapdragon by christianmadsen
Kendall and Lexie Lou!!!! by deneceslade
IrinaPopovaPhotography-26 by IrinaPopovaPhotography
IrinaPopovaPhotography-68 by IrinaPopovaPhotography
8 May 2017-Blue Jay by Robin52665
IrinaPopovaPhotography-27 by IrinaPopovaPhotography
IMG_3347 by marcodiclemente
Deer Leap Falls by William_Doyle
27 May 2017-Giant Leopard Moth by Robin52665
Fulmer Falls by William_Doyle
Old Backsmith Shop by William_Doyle
Fulmer Falls Re-Edit by William_Doyle
27 May 2017-Esme by Robin52665
13 May 2017-Squirrel by Robin52665
Factory & Fulmer Falls by William_Doyle
Red Clover by KirinGlomper
2 May 2017-moth by Robin52665
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