warm lights and dark nights with Ari by AnneDphotography
beautiful Bently  by AnneDphotography
harper by franfeliceatkins
Maia by RodicaCosarba
Ready When You are Grandma by AnneDphotography
Maurice - Scottish Fold by whiteshipdesign
Viggo... in the Sky Without Diamonds by Chiaroscurist
Bella  by JVendetti
So Dapper by rturnbow
Little Bently 2 by AnneDphotography
Maia by RodicaCosarba
Adorable by Beautiful-Breeze
Poodle Jazz by jefvandejumenas
Daisy by Buttrflyangl444
Thelma  by Chris_Shepherd
Anna by andreisliva
Toby by Dreams_in_Focus_Photo
Puppy lying on the bed by lvalics
Cecelia Puppy by HollyDell
kewpuppy by mick573tw
Duke pretending to be good by Thatchbonce1945
Eating Ground Squirrel by Tulda
HZ2_9197 by teresafinnerty
tribal dog by espresso_shots
Sable by Buttrflyangl444
dog sticks out tongue by jaimietuchman
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