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a very Happy birthday to MYSON Oliver Just about 12  months ago beautiful thing happened in my life and that was having my son Oliver and I must say my love giving birth was the most beautiful moments in my life holding her hand waiting for this gorgeous pure amazing soul to come into this would and when he did I was shaking and all I could hear was that cry that cry of new life the cry of confusion happiness  the cry of anger joy all these mixed emotions and when I seen him it was the most beautiful thing I have every seen I have never ever seen something so beautiful in my life besides my girlfriend and I look over to Chantal she looks at me we look at Oliver and smile I cried our parents were there and my grandmother and it was just wow an I can't wait tell he's a big boy and teach him everything I love you Oliver my love you are growing each day happy 1year buddy #birthstory #beautiful #story #baby #amazing #crying #iloveyousomuch #girlfriend #beautifulmoments #myson #youarethebest #happybirthday #loveyou by nathanielphillippemcguire
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