Mother and baby by Jfer1992
IMG_4266 by Jfer1992
IMG_1022 by aprillewis
Future king by CreationStudios
Portrait of a grownup gorilla by toshihiro_shoji
IMG_4269 by Jfer1992
The Late "JJ" Silverback Gorilla by candiscamera
Sisterly bond by Jfer1992
Far Away Eyes by tg2125
DSC04087wa by alef0
Photo  by shellyg
Female western lowland gorilla by Jfer1992
Sad for Gorillas in Captivity by ChrisKIELY
Dreaming of freedom by Foxyphotos
Boredom by mahamilton
Just Jomo being Jomo by Jfer1992
Richard by tomas_photographer
Male Gorilla Appearing Deep in Thought by laurenkaymyers
_DSC6415 by anthonysajdler
What is this guy thinking? by tcurry13
Mother and two week old baby by Jfer1992
Peekaboo  by Jfer1992
Baby Gorilla being carried by her sister by Jfer1992
Supper by DonGodwin
Gorilla  by drewanderson
DSC_0049 by Jfer1992
Meet Gladys by Jfer1992
Bauwi by AnjaWessels
Gorilla by PreciousLovePhotography
Gorgeous Gorilla by RMBphoto
gorilla face by rickperry
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