Newport Woods by amazedbyyou
journey by SonyaAdcockPhotography
Incoming by patrickkulwicki
Waiting in the rain by Michelle-Bishop
Barcelona Alley by LarryGreene
Close Call by patrickkulwicki
What lies ahead by danalouwho
Dreary by ewill
Impending summer storm by AnnuO
Crane Operator by Patrick_Law
Foghorn  by benjamindarrellankarlo
Gloomy by danalouwho
Dreary Day by HaleyDawn
Dreary Day by ashleysowter
Winter Forest by patrickkulwicki
Boardwalk to nowhere  by simonhaydendavies
Within by jeffniederstadt
Gloom Over Disney by ewill
Lonely Valley by MaggieClaire
Solemnity by Dee02
America the Beautiful by Sdonion
The Meeting Place by Dragunfly
Heavy fog by LauraMedina
The Doleful by vegapolaris
Dreary Dam by ewill
Colors of the Coast by SteveSFoto
Vincennes by ewill
Autumn Dream by gingerh
Makayla by AliciaRPaparo
Ol' cedar by Michael_Higgins
Glimmer of Hope by md-photography
Rainy Days by danalouwho
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